Dreams Still Matter


We just wanted to send you some LOVE today... and talk about your belief, contributions and DREAMS.

We are being SO inspired by our new class of creatives, leaders, influencers, authors, and thought leaders in Reinvent Yourself. And we are being reminded that you cannot STOP your efforts right now. 

You know, many people complain how limited they are in this shutdown—that their dreams are somehow on forced and total pause. We get it.

It can be a lot to handle for our global community: Working from home, trying to take care of everyone else, home schooling, tending to emergencies, inspiring others to keep their heads up, keeping up with the news, trying to figure out the finances and how you'll survive and build in this virtual economy.

So much to do, and worry about.

Without intention, important dreams and projects can get pushed aside entirely.

That almost happened to us too.

Like other leaders in this industry, We are working so hard to adapt and serve in this...

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Consistency - one important cornerstone for your succesful future!

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Original post Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018
Have you ever struggled with consistency in your life?
  • In January you set your goals to go to gym at least weekly and by June you do not even remember what gym is.
  • After Christmas you promise you will eat healthy but by Easters you still stuff yourself with cakes and goodies which are not good for you. Then you feel guilt and bad for a while or even many hours and days of the week which kick up your cortisol levels and may influence your health in general and even make you gain weight.
  • You think bad thoughts even though you know positive thinking is better? I actually love how one of the seminars I went to a while ago inspired me to really catch also my thoughts as it has been researched that our bad thoughts can be the biggest pollution for the planet. Imagine what could happen if all 7 billion people would only or mostly think bad thoughts? It would influence our collective field and...
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Divine relocation to San Diego

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Dear lovely friends, family and our clients!
We are so sorry we have not kept up the regular blog here or on our website, but this is about to change! We have been through a real rough moving year and it has taken a lot of our time, energy and resources, but we have kept up pretty good if you look back at this year or even just our social media. We have certainly not been lazy. We even did couple of launches for our new products and programs. We are still babies in the online marketing jungle, but we are learning and progressing step by step. We have not given up yet and we are smart - we learn from the bests in the field so we can improve and give the best of ourselves to all of you! Our biggest gift has been to learn from Brendon Burchard and his team. We have had quite a journey with them - including High Performance coaching, Bo Eason’s storytelling class, the Growth Summit in Arizona and now #Influencer2019 here in...
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The importance of lazy Sundays!

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Original post Jan 13th
In the modern days where information overload is the daily challenge for all of us it is really hard to stay committed to our own self-love promises - whether these are part of our New Year’s resolutions or commitments or not - it is really hard at times to keep it up and follow through continuously.
Some weeks ago we made a conscious choice with Michael that Sundays will be our fun days (a choice we still honor today, almost a year later). It is important to have days where we also rest and recharge and where we honor the 4 R-s: relax, rest, review and rejuvenate. Because the fact is that if we do not take care of ourselves, we will be empty pretty soon and then we have nothing to give to each other or others.

Hammock is such a nice way to spend your Sundays in. :)
The problem occurs when both of us are high achievers, very committed and super focused on our goals or targets. We may push aside...
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Messages from our invisible friends - Part 2

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
This week I had to return a tripod I bought from Walmart, because it was not a good fit. Before entering the Walmart with my husband - we saw a dog passing by and it had some angel wings on the back – like a vest on it. I thought it was weird, but cute.
There was a long line for the return counter there. Usually there is no line, Michael said. Next to the line was the coin machine. When we got closer to it, Michael said that there are some coins left behind from someone and I should pick it up. So I did. We had one Canadian quarter 25 cents, two American pennies and one golden coin with an angel on it on both sides. I did not think much about it, but we put it away to the safe place.
After that we had to drive to the other side of town to run some errands and also planned to go to check out a book store and later go to the movie night date night. So we stopped at the stop light and there was a woman who had a long...
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Messages from our invisible friends

Written by Crystal Ra
Intro I spent a lot of time in the nature when I was a little girl. It was my best and most wonderful playground. I came up with all kinds of things and games. Sometimes I had playmates, sometimes I was wondering alone. I had no idea that spirit was preparing me for something bigger and taught me many lessons about life through the natural habitat.
My favorite playground.
As an adult I have glimpses of certain events surfacing which bring me insights about myself and the world. Maybe because of that background I have figured throughout all the travels in my life that I love the best to be in the wild nature with as few people as possible. There is so much magic in it. So much spirit and the knowledge. Most of us do not use it and do not listen to the messages.
I did not know that I had any special spiritual gifts till I moved out of my childhood home. My first encounter with my guardian angel was when I was 19 years old. I started to write...
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Valentine’s Day Jackpot

I, Crystal Ra grew up in Estonia and we did not celebrate Valentine’s Day during the Soviet times. We celebrated Women's day on the 8th of March. I remember how I waited for the 8th of March, as this was usually the day were the family bought one of those crème cakes and usually grandfather or father brought flowers home. It was the anticipation for the special something which I did not get every day.
As Valentine's Day celebrating is still quite new to me I always like to make it special according to my desires and needs. I think very many of us just follow the mainstream during the Valentine's Day, flowers, cake, gifts, and dinner. There are so many different ways to celebrate it and make it special for you and your loved ones. So with this post I will call everyone to re-evaluate how you celebrate your Valentine's Day and why.
Michael gave me a little white teddybear with a sweet chocolate last year and I gave him a wonderful Valentine's card. We sealed...
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Living in your happy place

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
We as humans have the ability to visualize. This is an amazing ability which can change not only our minds but also our lives. For example if you are in a really bad place in your life at the moment it does not take anything else than a bit of time and focus to close your eyes and imagine that you will be and go to your happy place.
You can visualize that you are on your favorite beach, feeling the sun on your skin, how the tropical breeze caresses your face and you can even smell some tropical flowers in the air. You can hear the ocean waves in the background and when you sit down on the sand and tuck your toes into the sand – all the worries of the world are gone in a split second!
It does not cost you a flight ticket to that beach and you do not even need to bring a passport! How cool is that?
How many of us use that ability on regular bases?
Over the years I did not understand what an...
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Joy is in the voice of love - He'olina leo ka ke aloha

Part 2
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
When I moved to Mexico I started to learn the real meaning of family. First I saw and experienced people who were multimillionaires who were depressed and unhappy people and counting every penny. Then I got to know people who had basically no material possessions but had the biggest golden hearts and love and were sharing not only their meals with me but also their home and all their care with me. I met and talked to families who went through difficulties beyond most of us ever can even comprehend and yet who offered me possibilities to start over under their protective wings.

These were real families – real 'ohanas.' They were backing me up and because they did that, I did the best to take care of them and be there for them as well. We had love, mutual respect and care. It was going both ways. It felt so good and nourishing for my heart and soul.

I figured I had not really felt much of support or that someone...
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