Infinite Activation

Guiding others in redefining their lives


Coaching Through Change

As Coaches we support clients in identity development and achieving specific personal or professional goals by providing useful guidance.


Workshops and Seminars are a good way to learn new skills and to familiarize yourself with a topic you want to know more about.

Online Courses

Our Courses are designed for those wishing to further their personal and professional development. You will learn how to be more confident, happier, productive and successful.

Michael & Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

Guiding others in redefining their life by providing the tools that make one aware and consciousness of how to live their dream life on their own terms. Our individual and common life experiences, knowledge and desire to guide others has become our global mission.

Global Mission

We are making our way around the world sharing our story, doing retreats and seminars, working with clients individually and in groups. Starting our story in Mexico, spreading to the United States and this past summer to Estonia, we provide inspiration, support and guidance to all who wish to expand their personal, professional, and spiritual life. We encourage them to identify and live their own life mission.

Online or in person

Connect with us using the link below to know what we know, when we know it.


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