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Written by Crystal Ra
Intro I spent a lot of time in the nature when I was a little girl. It was my best and most wonderful playground. I came up with all kinds of things and games. Sometimes I had playmates, sometimes I was wondering alone. I had no idea that spirit was preparing me for something bigger and taught me many lessons about life through the natural habitat.
My favorite playground.
As an adult I have glimpses of certain events surfacing which bring me insights about myself and the world. Maybe because of that background I have figured throughout all the travels in my life that I love the best to be in the wild nature with as few people as possible. There is so much magic in it. So much spirit and the knowledge. Most of us do not use it and do not listen to the messages.
I did not know that I had any special spiritual gifts till I moved out of my childhood home. My first encounter with my guardian angel was when I was 19 years old. I started to write very fast and I 'downloaded' the story with the picture about my angel. I was guided to different books.
One of the first ones was about tantra, but that seemed so way out there for me during that time. Then I bought a book about Silva method and started to practice it. This completely opened up the invisible world for me. I started to even win things and it seemed like luck had turned my way. I started to feel the support from the invisible world and it seemed to me even deeper than the actual support I got from the people in my life at that time.
I had many hardships in my early 20s. These were all pushing me more towards the spiritual life. At times I felt so vulnerable and alone that I even went to the church to get baptized as an adult to feel more protected. My parents were not Christian and my grandmother was part of the Estonian Greek Orthodox church. I decided to do the confirmation classes in the Greek Estonian Orthodox church so that I would understand more about God's ways. Sadly it did not really give me all the answers I was looking for so I kept searching.
In 2000 I found the book series by Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God and it completely changed my life. First it turned it upside down as many of the concepts I had been told were reversed. I lived in Oslo at the time and I felt so empowered. Coming from a life where I always was a victim, it made me go back in time and realize that I was partly creating this life myself and partly it was created by the cultural as well lineage programming deeply rooted in me.
Picture from
The next big leap came from the Tidemandstuen Volunteer Center where I started to visit a philosophical cafe. During that time I found my next book James Redfield Celestine Prophecy. I read it and it completely blew my mind. I decided to start to practice it, but not alone. I gathered a group of people who showed interest to work through this book with me. I purchased a workbook for this book and we started to work through it step by step in Norwegian – me as a group leader. It was fascinating to me that my whole reality changed.
  Tidemandstuen Volunteer Center in Oslo. Photo from the Internet.
The situations and people who intimidated me at that time – were now fields for my 'anthropological experiments'. I worked with a very strong and manipulative woman at the time. I started to put all the tips in use from the book with her and I was so surprised how quickly the results presented themselves and how empowered I became and how dis-empowered she was because I was changing my behavioral patterns.
Next phase was the books and information about the angels. I got so obsessed that I bought all the books I could find about it and put it all into practice too. At the time I worked in the cheese counter and imagined that I turned myself into a game of a cheese angel – writing cheese poems as well helping people to find their favorite cheese and while doing that talking about their life so they would feel more important and buy more cheese. It really worked as during those months we had a competition happening between the counters and we won it during the 3 months in the row!
Photo from the internet.
Some years later I studied anthropology in Cape Town of South Africa and at the same time even passed angel school classes and became an angel therapist. I was so connected to the messages from the spirit world and it was the center point of my life at that time.
In UCT of Cape Town I was part of the Nigerian Student Club - the only white person in the room.
Once I did my Auratransformation™, the connection with spirit changed from the outside to the inside. It is not something I look for or focus externally any more the way I used to. I have got many answers about the spiritual world which has helped me to be much more balanced. I am in tact with the spiritual all the time now – it feels like I changed from the 'dial up' connection to a broadband connection.
But there are times when I get also so busy that I may get disconnected for a moment or I may really need a break to notice more of these messages coming in daily. Here is one of these stories from our lives here in Hawaii...
To be continued...
Share with us how did you look for answers for deeper meaning and spirituality in your life and what has inspired you to research more about the invisible world we can not see or touch.

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