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adventure dreams happy place infinite activation Feb 03, 2019
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
We as humans have the ability to visualize. This is an amazing ability which can change not only our minds but also our lives. For example if you are in a really bad place in your life at the moment it does not take anything else than a bit of time and focus to close your eyes and imagine that you will be and go to your happy place.
You can visualize that you are on your favorite beach, feeling the sun on your skin, how the tropical breeze caresses your face and you can even smell some tropical flowers in the air. You can hear the ocean waves in the background and when you sit down on the sand and tuck your toes into the sand – all the worries of the world are gone in a split second!
It does not cost you a flight ticket to that beach and you do not even need to bring a passport! How cool is that?
How many of us use that ability on regular bases?
Over the years I did not understand what an important part the 'happy place' in my life had. Now I am not only imagining the happy place but I actually moved in to my happy place.
For years for me that happy place was Hawaii, Big Island. It was this unreachable dream. I did not only dream about coming here, but to live here permanently. It seemed so unreal.
When I came to Hawaii, Big Island the first time in 2009 in April, I had no idea that I will be swept off my feet by this place, the beauty, the energy, people and aloha. It was beyond anything they told about this place in the books or movies. You almost are not able to put it into the words. You need to personally experience it.
When you land in Kailua-Kona, you will step on the stairs to walk down from the airplane and it is one of the few open air airports still operating in the world. You can spot the palm trees right away. I remember I came first time from Europe in April. Back home in Estonia, it was still cold. Here I was at 9.30 pm and the warmth of the Kona breeze embraced me like a mother who had not seen me for a long time. I instantly felt at home. The temperature was warm and comfortable. I had to take off my winter jacket immediately.
The adventures which waited for me and my fellow adventure female friend were beyond what we could have imagined is even possible for such a short time period. Within that time we saw the main biggest attractions on the island. It felt like this place just opened up all the possibilities to explore.
Only couple of days after landing we were invited to go to Waipio Valley – one of the most potent places on this island. It was like we were instantly initiated to the divine masculine and feminine energies.
Waipio Valley, Big Island
We joined a retreat together with some Swedish and other Estonian adventurers. We had many ocean swims and the wild dolphins were present almost every day. We thought that was a normal thing here, but it came out it is quite special and at times they do not come to the beaches for months. Me and my adventure friend decided to have another adventure on the other side of the island for some days.
Bear in mind in 2009 we did not have smart phones and google maps in our phones yet and all we had was Lonely Planet's book and some paper maps from the car rental place. So off we went to our next adventure - meeting the unknown.
We explored the natural hot ponds by the ocean. I could not almost believe it was possible that such a place existed – a natural warm water by the ocean! We almost wanted to fall asleep in there – it felt so comfortable.
In the middle of the dark night in such an unusual place in the middle of dark tall trees - we found a beautiful retreat center called Yoga Oasis (not in operation today). The rooms had no walls – just screens. All the jungle voices were like some background music tape was on.
The next morning we had our very first true Hawaiian breakfast with tropical fruits and took off to explore Kalani Retreat Center, where there was the body aquatic intro class happening. So we jumped right in to the dolphin dance with humans in the pool and by the end of the class I was sold. I wanted this whatever this was.
It so happened that the teacher had set up a class in the coming days. So we jumped on board and within just couple of days my fear of depth was gone. I learned to let go.
I was so relaxed I could hardly keep my head up.
I had no idea how my destiny was in the works with this Aqua class!
Going back to the other side of the island again - we figured while in the ocean that I could do new things in the water. It seemed like something had been lifted and I was like a new person.
After all these adventures Hawaii had touched me to the core and I jokingly said I am going to get my own retreats going in 6 months there and so I did. I came back to test how that is – to show around all the wonderful magical places I had experienced and help others to enjoy it. It went really well and my new adventure course was born.
Over the coming years I shared the beautiful places on the island with many people from my home country and some Norwegians as well. It mostly happened twice a year.
From 10 days my stays were prolonged to 14 days and then 21 days and then 4 or 5 weeks over the years of going to Hawaii. Till the day came my heart was saying I had to go for 3 months. My rational mind was against it as it was calculating how much it would cost.
Sacred Honaunau Royal Grounds. It is a museum right now.
My heart went forward and I had the most amazing 3 months of my life. My whole life changed even more. Everything was flowing, things came to me, magic was in the air like I lived in some kind of fairytale. Many of the times I had to leave Hawaii I started to cry one week ahead of time and felt so sad. Like something would have been ripped off my heart.
One of the times I even thought I do not care about my life and things in Estonia, I will stay no matter what. But I knew it would not be responsible and would create problems, so I traveled back, moved out of my 100 square meters penthouse studio, sold my brand new car within a week and traveled back to Hawaii to mourn my father's sudden passing and swim with the wild dolphins. I felt that was one of the most important jobs I had to do that moment.
Wild Spinner Dolphins in Hawaiian waters
I had no idea how to 'move in' to my happy place and I understood I had to just let the arrow of my dream go and flow with it. Soon the invitation to go to Mexico came. My first visit lasted from the planned 1,5 weeks to 3 months and there a new cornerstone to my destiny was put down. Just couple of years later Michael showed up and our story started.
Michael had lived without a home base for 10 years and I had lived without it for 6 years. We were ready to find a new home base for both of us. When the time came to pick our new location for our main base we went through a list of places - Alaska as Michael had worked there, Estonia as I was from there, California as Michael was from there and had worked and lived there, Mexico, because we were living there at that time.
In 2016 in November we traveled to Hawaii, Big Island together for the very first time. I wanted to show Michael my Hawaii so that he would experience it first hand and feel for it. I thought in case we pick to live in Hawaii – it would be a joint decision.
After our 2 months adventuring here we traveled back to Mexico and spent some 4-5 months there. I was working in the St. Regis hotel, the Four Seasons and Villa Ananda Boutique Spa to offer my Wantra sessions. It was quite an experience to work with something so deep and spiritual in the corporate world.
Me and Michael in Hawi, Hawaii
In June 2017 we did it. We did not only move to Hawaii, we also got married here just couple of months later. Imagine – to get married in your happy place? How much better can it get?
Our blissful marriage day in Kealakekua Bay in August 2017.
Photo by Malle Zablan
Now almost 1 year later we are still very happy here and even though many things have not been going as we planned (they actually really never do here in Hawaii as the island has its own rhythm and agenda with you), we have learned a way to co-create and dance with it and see the beauty in every move and present moment and surrender to spirit's way to guide us to our next level, another corner in our happy place full of new amazing surprises and treasures.
It is still our happy place – as it is summer 12 months a year here. We have sun almost every day. It is warm. We can go and swim in the ocean any time of the year. We can do so many outdoor things here. We can have a much more laid back lifestyle here. We have aloha and 'ohana' here. The life force emanating from the land is way beyond any other place I have been in the world. The smells of tropical flowers whenever you move around is so thick in the air that at times it feels you can touch it.
So to sum it up. It is really cool to dream about your happy place. Just know you can also move in and not only – even get married there. All you need to do is to dream, get that arrow of your dream go and let the Universe show you the way and surf on the trust wave to your destination. We all have the GPS system built in us and that is called intuition. So use it and may it take you to your happy place and make it your new kingdom and fairytale! **
Please share with us where is your happy place and why? What experiences have you had with it and what are your plans with it?
If you would love to experience our 'happy place' in Hawaii, you have a chance to join our Adventure Retreats. In the future we will offer these for customized groups and even couples or VIP tours for individuals. Just let us know and you will get the experience of a lifetime here!
After our first Adventure Retreat leading together with Michael in November 2016 in Hawaii. Photo taken in Pololuu Valley lookout

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