Joy is in the voice of love - He'olina leo ka ke aloha

adventure dreams infinite activation joy Jan 27, 2019
Part 2
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
When I moved to Mexico I started to learn the real meaning of family. First I saw and experienced people who were multimillionaires who were depressed and unhappy people and counting every penny. Then I got to know people who had basically no material possessions but had the biggest golden hearts and love and were sharing not only their meals with me but also their home and all their care with me. I met and talked to families who went through difficulties beyond most of us ever can even comprehend and yet who offered me possibilities to start over under their protective wings.

These were real families – real 'ohanas.' They were backing me up and because they did that, I did the best to take care of them and be there for them as well. We had love, mutual respect and care. It was going both ways. It felt so good and nourishing for my heart and soul.

I figured I had not really felt much of support or that someone would stand up for me or be there for me when I was weak and needed help in my previous years. That had turned me into a complete macho woman who always managed everything by herself and had everything under control.
While living in Mexico I faced many of my emotions, childhood wounds and patterns. In this very vulnerable place I met Michael. He was in a very vulnerable place too. We were both very broken. But we were there for each other. Even though we did not know what the future would bring or if we would choose and create it together, I knew that he would support me and be there for me if I needed and if I would allow him.
This was the very first time after so many years where I felt a strong support given by a mature man beside me or behind me. I had to relearn how to be in a healthy relationship and change my patterns and dive into my feminine to be able to receive all of that.
Here in Hawaii I became a member of the canoe club and that taught me what it means to be one pair of hands in the canoe with my seat, my responsibility and my tasks to do. Being responsible by showing up on time, sitting down and paddling. Whether it was to just paddle, race together or support fellow paddlers – we were one. I felt we were truly one like an 'ohana.' Like a leaf or a branch of the same tree, even though we were from different places and nationalities – the canoe connected us together – united us. I understood that each place should have something in their culture which would teach us about ohana as a concept like this.

In addition to 'ohana' – there is another magic word and concept – which is 'aloha.' No 'ohana' is a true ohana without 'aloha.' Aloha is like a glue to unite all the members with each other as well with the outside world.

Aloha is when you give from your heart and you do not expect anything in return. Aloha is when you knock on your neighbors door and ask if they would love some fresh fish as you have too much of it. Aloha is someone in the traffic giving you a way and being polite. But 'aloha' has been so commercialized that it is sometimes sad to hear and see. 'Aloha' s meaning – our hearts sing in one rhythm or joyful sharing of life at this very moment. This Friday we visited Hokule'a's sailing canoe. This canoe circumnavigated the world and sailed 46 000 miles. This canoe did not use any new navigation equipment, only the old Polynesian way. It had 13 people in the crew during different times of crossings and was built according to the Hawaiian sailing canoe vision.
While standing on this sailing canoe which did not only connect us to the Hawaiian and Polynesian past, but also to the present moment here and now and the future, I suddenly started to understand so deeply the concept of 'ohana' and what it means - to take care of the seeds – the future – our 'keikis' - 'children' and how to pass on the cultural knowledge and knowhow so that it would serve many futures after we are gone.

I understood that this canoe was not there standing alone – there were many 'amakuas' - ancestors and not only Hawaiian, but from all these places this sailing canoe had been and beyond sailing along whispering their stories.

While living here in Hawaii I am starting to understand how everything is interrelated and the 'abundance wheel' which came to me in 2005 maybe came to me from the Hawaiian ancestors as this is what it is.

Everything and everyone is interconnected. We are all 'ohana.'

Does not matter where you live at the moment, what is your profession or nationality. You may even exist in a form of a fly or a butterfly or a leaf - we are all here to grow together, challenge each other and enjoy life to the fullest. We are all here to be heard, to be seen, to be accepted, loved and respected exactly as we are in our full beauty.

He'olina leo ka ke aloha

Joy is in the voice of love.

Let this voice be heard, let it help you to create many 'ohanas' in your life and be supported when you need it and lifted when you are down. Let this voice of love whisper you stories from your ancestors so that you can lay out the new path for the future love voices to sing their love symphonies together. 'Ohana' family means also that no one will be left behind or forgotten. Even if the voice dies, the memory of that particular voice will be carried on by all the other voices still alive in the future.
That is why it is super important to take care of your 'ohana' and 'aloha.' It will grow new treasures for your future grandchildren... ----
Picture from Kai 'Opua canoe club with an amazing message. May we all paddle like one.

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