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adventure cconsistency dreams infinite activation Nov 24, 2019
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Original post Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018
Have you ever struggled with consistency in your life?
  • In January you set your goals to go to gym at least weekly and by June you do not even remember what gym is.
  • After Christmas you promise you will eat healthy but by Easters you still stuff yourself with cakes and goodies which are not good for you. Then you feel guilt and bad for a while or even many hours and days of the week which kick up your cortisol levels and may influence your health in general and even make you gain weight.
  • You think bad thoughts even though you know positive thinking is better? I actually love how one of the seminars I went to a while ago inspired me to really catch also my thoughts as it has been researched that our bad thoughts can be the biggest pollution for the planet. Imagine what could happen if all 7 billion people would only or mostly think bad thoughts? It would influence our collective field and everything and everyone around us.
  • Then you go to a live seminar and you are all fired up and you even put down your promises how you will keep it up but by the second week it is a history and you wonder what happened?
I have been facing all of these challenges myself over and over again and this year I decided I am going to change it for good as I have so much I would love to share globally that I just do not have the luxury do not meet my health goals whether it is my food habits, my training or bad thoughts or promises I did not make. I just can not afford it any more. There is too much at stake.
So after Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy I decided that this time I will actually keep my promises and keep myself accountable. I will share with you what I have learned from these processes and what I have already figured out. I will break it down for you.
This week has been very different for me. Why? Because I am implementing all the made promises I personally made during Brendon’s live seminar and keeping myself accountable with it.
Consistency tools
1. Time management
One of these was to change my time management. As a business owner for the past 11 years, I have really struggled with discipline and time management. I have tried so many things. Regular notebooks, time keeping sheets, task lists, several different apps, google calendar etc. The big game changer this week was including once again google calendar into my time management.
I noticed that when I did not manage my time, I did not manage my money either! As a business owner you have no one else to point to if things do not go well, so you need to be creative and up to beat all the time wherever you are and whatever is going on.
Brendon recommends to manage your time in segments and give also time for skills you are working on - but regularly. Good inspiring question from him is - in case he would take your calendar into his hands to see your schedule - have you planned out time slots for your skills and conscious use of time in months ahead? Most people do not. This is also one of the reasons why they do not achieve much as they have not even decided their destination yet or how to get there. I started this now and will keep it up. I start with 30 days and continue from there.
2. Transforming the feeling I am not good enough
One of the main reasons why I often times get overwhelmed is actually rooted into my psychological belief that I am not good enough.
Do you know how long time it took me to finally really accept that? Too long!
What this does is that it pushes us to do more, be more and do it in such an extreme way which is often out of balance.
We often times may over deliver and in that whirlpool you may exhaust yourself completely.
You may also develop something I call the shiny object syndrome, which pulls you in all kind of directions and as you do not have your ultimate dream or targets in place you are just circling around on a round about. Your inner self value is usually very low, you have trouble to set boundaries and people can walk all over you.
This very fact that we consciously start to see our inner patterns which hold us back is our key to freedom and success! What happens psychologically is that once we notice it we can not actually not see it any more. It will pop up every time it is still an issue until we change and fix it!
So when I started to work with that I started to realize where that ‘not enough’ feeling is coming from and how I can change that. It came from my grandmother who rooted in me that belief that I was not good enough. In some ways it was good as it kicked me hard to accomplish more and harder and I would not be sitting here in Hawaii writing this blog post right now but still somewhere in a little village called Särevere in Estonia.
3. Practice your main 3 love languages on yourself!
But on the other side I understood that I just needed to start to feed my self value myself. Pat on my shoulder if I accomplished something. I actually started to use all the 5 love languages on myself and not being dependent on other people’s feedback to me. I did that for 30 days (talk about consistency!!) and it change me and my life completely!
So go to 5 love languages and take their test - figure out which ones are your top 3 love languages and give these to yourself every day and every week for the next 30 days and see what happens!
Share with us in the comments how that worked for you! How would that look like?
If my number one has been for years ‘verbal affirmations’ I gave myself verbal affirmations every time I was doing something good, accomplished something more etc. In the end it was weird that when people came and complimented me I was full already and their compliment was complimentary and I did not crave for it or need it. That makes you also much more attractive to people and energetically more appealing.
4. Looking back for the previous year and make a summary of how much consistency you have had?
Go back to January since the beginning of this year and write down everything you promised yourself this January and what have you done consistently which has given also results? How are these connected to your future dreams?
So here are some of my personal examples
Writing consistently
I started to do these notes here on the Infinite Activation in the end of February this year and kept it going till we visited Europe this summer. I took a little break then as it was so super busy there and I did not use the trick of recycling some of my posts from earlier times. Then we started again with the notes in August and I have kept it going and we have now more than 30 notes published!!! Michael has supported with editing as well written some of the posts. The only problem is that I had not connected it technically to everything else and now we are learning together how to do that consciously.
Some years ago I challenged myself and wrote a weekly blog for a whole two years in a row. It really helped me get really good in writing as I believe it is like a muscle you train. In addition I started to get more clients and following to my business.
Reading consistently
As I was reading Brendon Burchard’s book ‘The Charge’ I checked what was the page number at the moment. It was 165 and I started this book just after we got back from our trip in California almost 2 weeks ago.
I have been reading many books since this January as I started a new habit. Every morning if I have time I read at least a page of a book I am reading or do it later in the day instead of going straight to social media. This way I feed my head with some positive and inspiring thoughts. I have managed to read quite many books compared to my normal reading schedule which for years was almost non existent.
So I managed to read Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits, my dear friend Vyana Reynolds who released her book Diving into the Divine Feminine, Psychology of persuasion, Nigel B Patterson’s ‘Your Return to Freedom’. Even though it is not too many books I have really worked through these books so it becomes one with my molecules and daily life and habits. Each book has been super influential. I choose my books very carefully as I have limited time to read. I want them to make a difference in my life and in my friends, family and clients life. So I choose wisely. So I patted myself on the shoulder - Crystal you have been pretty consistent with your reading. Good job!
Kai 'Opua's morning paddling out in Kailua-Kona bay with lovely folks.
Training consistently
One other thing I started to do was to write down and log my weekly training I did. Since January I have kept it going at least once or twice a week but most times five to eight times a week and finally I have learned how to really train smart. It is all very varied - full of different fun activities - like outrigger canoe paddling, bicycling outside, rollerblading in Estonia, aerial silks training, gym and right now the group training as well, in addition ocean swims and snorkeling and also hula. So all in all I have kept myself going pretty well and consistent. It is so normal to me now that when I do not do it regularly I feel stressed out and very weird.
I can not be without training and movement any more and that is where we should all get to with our training . It is so natural to us as is breathing and we feel like we die without it. Another patting on the shoulder for the work well done.
After completing a 6 weeks challenge with Trunk Trainers in Kailua Kona to work more on my nutrition and diet as well training smarter. Within only 3 weeks I already lost 10 pounds and my body fat went down 2,3% and I gained 1% muscle mass.
I love consistency where I can test myself in the end and see the results through numbers.
I have done many fasting detoxes, taken hundreds of extra minerals and all kinds of other programs this year for my body, but nothing has given results like this one here, as it is done so holistically. What is also fun about this one is that people start to notice it and share with you and not only, they will also recommend you and your experience to others in their circles. This is how can also start to influence others around us big time!
Eating healthily consistently
That has been a major game changer for me. I have cut out most of sugar, bad stuff (like ice cream - completely!!) and my portions are regulated, I only eat well organized meals and I feel so much more focused and energized all the time. I need to sleep less as I have less to process. Needless to mention I also feel so much sexier as I have lost weight and feel I am fitter because of my training schedule is right on.
Sleep like a earth goddess...
Go to bed early consistently
This is something I have struggled all my life. I am a night owl by character and here in Hawaii everything is quiet during the night and I can focus much better as it is also not that hot. But I realized from our fitness tests that my cortisol level was too high, I did not let my mind shut down ahead of time before bedtime, as I am a high energy person, so even positive stress can be stress, so I needed to really incorporate more sleep and going to bed earlier to take that stress level down.
Right now it is 11 pm the latest (my regular was 2 or 3 am). I go to bed and read a book for at least 15 minutes before the lights are out, I meditate a bit and I also try to have a moment to get up slowly in the morning. Like cuddle with my husband for even like 5 minutes helps, do slow breathing to wake my mind up etc.
So what is the bottom line of this consistency success key?
The bottom line is that if you have more habits supporting your consistency it creates a new lifestyle - a new life and if you do it wisely it will also offer you a new quality of life and success may follow.
Why is 6 weeks challenge 6 weeks long or why I have my online class group going for 8 months?
Because you need to get all these changes ‘transferred’ into your bones, mind and spirit. Once you get it into your bones, mind and spirit and you are already used to lighter way of being, more conscious way of being, more charged way of being - it is usually harder to go back and choose something which makes you feel bad. So it may turn into your new habit and make it impossible to go back to where you were so you can choose more of the life you desire on your terms!
So based of what I shared - what are your new consistency promises you do for yourself for the next 30 days, 6 weeks or next year? Share with us in the comments!
  • How are you going to keep yourself accountable to it?
  • Do you need accountability partners or groups for that?
  • Figure this out and put it to work and I promise you - it will change your life into more successful and attract more people to you on a personal as well business level and enable you to share your gifts with the world!
With aloha and gratitude<3

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