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We just wanted to send you some LOVE today... and talk about your belief, contributions and DREAMS.

We are being SO inspired by our new class of creatives, leaders, influencers, authors, and thought leaders in Reinvent Yourself. And we are being reminded that you cannot STOP your efforts right now. 

You know, many people complain how limited they are in this shutdown—that their dreams are somehow on forced and total pause. We get it.

It can be a lot to handle for our global community: Working from home, trying to take care of everyone else, home schooling, tending to emergencies, inspiring others to keep their heads up, keeping up with the news, trying to figure out the finances and how you'll survive and build in this virtual economy.

So much to do, and worry about.

Without intention, important dreams and projects can get pushed aside entirely.

That almost happened to us too.

Like other leaders in this industry, We are working so hard to adapt and serve in this moment for our subscribers, students and fans.

From our upcoming podcast series addressing how to strive in chaos, to our daily social posts, to our new training created for the world in our webinars, to talking with so many new Reinvent Yourself students, to guiding our peers through their business needs, to caring for our family, friends, and network. Make sure to check it out, like and FOLLOW Abundance in Action PodCast

A week ago, it often felt like our other “big” projects are going way slower than we want.

BUT... listen.... the projects ARE GOING.

We are still moving things forward, every day,

even if not as much as “usual.” 

You can do something every day, no matter how small, to move your passions forward.

Even today, you can take one more small step toward your dreams.

For us, that looks like writing new material, just a little, every day. It means filming a quick video, calling someone to move something forward, jotting out my next moves in our planners.

We try to stick to a schedule, while being totally adaptable and looking for those little blocks of time to edge things forward. 

Sometimes, we only find 15 minutes here and there. But listen... 15 minutes can change your life.

Let's do the math...

15 minutes, every day for two months, is 900 minutes, which is 15 HOURS.

So if you find 30 minutes a day, you've found 30 HOURS in two months.

That's how we've created so much during this "lock-down."

We’re not saying it’s not been HARD.

Or that we’ve got it all figured out.

But we know this:

Your dreams don’t care if it’s hard.

And if you’re real, it’s never been convenient to do important work that stretches you, serves at the highest level, creates real abundance for you family.

We won't stop.

Because we wonder if, at the end of our life, our Creator might ask us: 

“How faithfully did you tend to the dreams I sowed in your heart?”

And so each day we strive, bit by bit, inch by inch, project by project, with very little complaint because you don’t bemoan the gifts and opportunities you’ve been granted.

Look, this situation is different. We know.

But those who've read anything in philosophy, psychology, or spirituality can see the truth: chaos and uncertainty and fear has ALWAYS been there.

How you've dealt with it in the past is showing up now. But since "this is different," then you have a NEW choice to make.

You can adopt a role model mindset and greet this challenge with new powers of intention and habits and choices.

At some point, you realize that this is just one more big struggle that you must face and overcome.

So you turn up your faith, your focus, your personal powers.


Because sheer will and dedication for your future always pays off.

Because uncommon efforts in uncommon times lead to uncommon strength, rewards and grace.

You can do something today.

You can find 15 minutes. Or 30.

Your dreams don't have to drown in a pool of pessimism.

You can keep your head up, chest up, shoulders back, heart open, faith on fire.

We are at it, every day, and we see you all out there continuing on as well, and it fires us up.

Yes, we are locked down, but fired up.

Remember, you can adopt a role model mindset now, optimize your health now, skill up now.

And you can do something today to advance your dreams and goals and passions and wealth and spirit.

Yes, you can do something today.

Even a small Action can move you closer to your Dreams.

Your Transformation Navigators

Crystal Ra & Michael

  1. We are deeply inspired by those who have been stepping up and skilling up in this new economy by joining Reinvent Yourself. If you need to start or scale online, then this program holds the secret outlines and campaigns that help you create real impact and abundance. Last week we went live our first webinar. The replay is now up. We are making it available again, so make sure to join us here: Positive Infusion. Go learn about the program, and let's build your future online together. Click here to join. To those who've joined us, thank you thank you. Seeing the impact of this program in your lives already is keeping us going through all this. Inspired by you. Let's build the future online, together.

inspired by our mentor, Brendon Burchard

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