The importance of lazy Sundays!

dreams infinite activation rejuvenate relax rest review Nov 03, 2019
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Original post Jan 13th
In the modern days where information overload is the daily challenge for all of us it is really hard to stay committed to our own self-love promises - whether these are part of our New Year’s resolutions or commitments or not - it is really hard at times to keep it up and follow through continuously.
Some weeks ago we made a conscious choice with Michael that Sundays will be our fun days (a choice we still honor today, almost a year later). It is important to have days where we also rest and recharge and where we honor the 4 R-s: relax, rest, review and rejuvenate. Because the fact is that if we do not take care of ourselves, we will be empty pretty soon and then we have nothing to give to each other or others.

Hammock is such a nice way to spend your Sundays in. :)
The problem occurs when both of us are high achievers, very committed and super focused on our goals or targets. We may push aside rest at times as we think that resting is a waste of time. That is a huge mistake! We got the Sunday tradition going for some weeks and then we fell out of it for one week and it made a huge difference. In a bad way!!!
Most of these Sundays I do not even open my computer any more, to give my mind and my brain a break, so that I would have some excitement to come back on Monday again. During regular days I work on the computer sometimes at times 10 - 12 hours. It is exhausting for the eyes as well the body and mental capacity.
This past week we had a meeting with our high performance coach and he was not very happy to hear that we cut out our Sunday tradition and asked us to put it back and honor it no matter what!
So we did and I will give you now an overview what this day was like.
This morning I slept in - which meant I got almost 10 hours of sleep which was like heaven for me as I have not slept really good for the past week. I woke up and decided this to be my detox day.
As yesterday we had our very big first launch for Infinite Activation first subscription product we started our celebration already last night with a little walk in Kailua-Kona while Michael bought a new ukulele (you will hear more about it later posts) and we peaked into the oldest church in Kailua-Kona and explored some shops on the way to our dinner.

Kailua-Kona sunset on a beautiful Saturday in January.
We had a wonderful Thai dinner and then decided to go one step further and buy a little chocolate cake and ice cream to celebrate our big milestone together. I had not eaten a cake since Christmas and before that for like 10 weeks and no proper ice cream for 3 months and now was the time when I indulged myself with no guilt. I work out regularly now also almost daily and sometimes even double it - so I work out 7-8 times a week, so I know I am not overdoing it.
After I had started my detox which consists of drinking and eating certain things I decided to get hold of my sister and her family on Skype and have a Skype call with them which we have not really had at all since we left Estonia in July last year. We managed to get them online and her 5 year old twins were there together with all the pets they showed us and her husband as well. We checked in with each other and the latest news and chatted and had so much fun. I am so glad that because of technology we can do it.
She showed us how it is snowing outside, we showed her our palm trees and banana and papaya trees in the back yard. It is really important to fill in with some social time during your Sundays - to do everything you love and reconnect with those you love. I love my sister to the Moon and back and we need to take more time for each other. Michael was happy to reconnect as well.

My sister's dog in their yard. She always dreamed of a dog like this.
I am so happy for her!
After that I remembered that we had a nice talk coming up today in the spiritual church New Thought Center where we love to go now sometimes and then with doctor Hank Wesselman and as it was going to be about shamanism and we are interested in the topic we got ourselves ready and went there.
It was a nice meeting with around 30-40 people present. Lovely gathering, with lovely stories and support and energy. Hank shared some amazing spiritual stories from his travels in Egypt. I realized I have never acknowledged myself as a shamanistic healer, but this is what I have done for years (it is a recent thing coming up here on the island - many of the abilities I have not acknowledged myself enough). I do not only coach people from the mind, it is always rooted to the holistic picture of their whole being - energy, emotions, stories. We truly enjoyed it and I signed up for the next Saturday’s workshop with him where Michael sadly can not come as he has to work, but I will make notes for him.

Spiritual Sundays at New Thought Center in South Kona.
After that we decided to go and work out. Michael started a new commitment in January to go to gym at least twice a week and do cardio exercises. I did my third gym session this week where I focused on cardio with interval bicycling for 50 minutes where I got my heart rate up to 171 couple of times and burned around 400 calories.
It is such a huge difference to go to the gym with your beloved! What is really cool about it is that after my 6 week’s challenge I did and lost 16 pounds - I have not really pushed Michael to do anything about his diet or training and seeing my transformation he got inspired. So now he eats better and also works out! Our reason for the focus is also that we would have more stamina to work with bigger crowds and have better health and immune system for the future.
I have committed to have at least once a week salt and herbal oil bath for me. During that time I will do deep breathing to calm down and slow down my heart rate. I say thanks to my body for functioning so well, I do a Taoist breast massage, scrub my heels and massage my head or feet. At times I take time so that I have at least 30 minutes or more for all of these procedures. I do my mud facial once out of the bath.

Indulge yourself in the bath at least once a week!
20 minutes later I wash it off and put on some exotic cream from Hawaii so I smell like an island girl. At times I also add coffee and papaya scrub mixed with coconut oil in the very end. Then I smell like coffee girl for at least like 30 meters radius and my skin is super soft like the baby’s b. I feel so relaxed and happy after this self-love spa.
After keeping it up for a year, I can say that it has not always been easy to do it even once a week. I had to skip many. Sometimes also because of traveling and there was no bath. But there are always small things we can do to take care of ourselves in a special way.
Next was our other commitment which we have usually on Saturdays but had to postpone yesterday - our date night about tantra. Right now we are working on one tantra book which we need to read and finalize before our ISTA training in the end of January. It is a good goal to have as then you know you can not skip it. It has been an interesting read and we will also practice more of the tips and tools from the book in the future.

Tantra is a sacred art of unity for your body, mind and spirit;)
Michael prepared his dinner and I write this blog post at the moment. For me writing is my creative flow time. I love it. I can not imagine a day without it. I have started to journal by hand as well. It is such an enjoyment!
Usually we also have a bit of sun time or ocean/beach time, but today it was a high surf advisory and most beaches were closed. So we stayed in.
So I share our story about our Sunday as a reminder how important it is to recharge yourself and keep that commitment no matter what! If you can not do your recharging during Sundays, pick a day you can do it and commit to it for the next 30 days and after that prolong it to another 30 and so on till you get to the end of the year!
This way you have invested into your body, mind and spirit the whole year and been a better person for everyone around you and also made this world a better place!

Find time to read!
Your challenge from us today will be -
  1. If you do not do it already - figure out what day or time you can take off completely for you so you can do and be what you love most of all?
  2. What are the activities which would recharge you during that day? Is it to read a book, indulge yourself in the bubble bath, bake a cake, walk in nature etc?
  3. How can you include some self-love activities?
  4. What is it your body, mind and spirit needs to recharge? Is it to sleep in or sleep 10 hours or to have a nap in the middle of the day? Is it to read an inspiring book or go swimming, go to a spiritual meeting? What is it for you?
  5. What other supportive tools can you find for yourself so you can keep up your self-love charge times or days? Do you need a special calendar for this? Do you need an accountability partner? What else is needed?
We so hope that this little blog post reminds you the importance of a charging time for you and that you will commit to it as well! Not only as a New Year’s Resolution but as a commitment at least for 30 days which you prolong in the end of each 30 days period.
Check in with us by the end of this year and tell us how did this work?
  • Share with us what do you do or use as to recharge yourself and your life?
  • Where do you go?
  • What is your recharge day or time?
  • Are you committed to your recharge time?
  • What challenges do you have to keep that commitment?
We wish you success with your recharge days and your 4 R-s.
Find out your way to work with them and make it work!
With Aloha,
Crystal Ra and Michael

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