How was our Wildfit Experience and Experiment with the Estonian chocolate?

Today we share both of our experiences with Wildfit and what were the wins and benefits of our experiences.
Michael is happy that this started off this year for him. Eating more consciously is a huge benefit.
Why is the ice cream in the freezer so long?
What is a proper human diet?
What is your Why for better health? What is Michael's?
Why is the group and coach so good in this challenge?
How can accountability help you with your health challenges?
Why is it men lose weight faster than women?
Why was it necessary to prepare the Alkagizer a night prior?
How was it to experiment with food in the restaurant?
What was Crystal's discovery with the ideal weight number she had from earlier?
How is it to flip your switch from sugar burning to fat burning and how can this influence weight?
What is Crystal's experience with the body reset? How does this influence the body, mind and spirit?
We may still have chocolate, pizza or ice cream now and then...
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To Move Forward - Take Action!



Today we share some tips and tools how to move forward. One of the first things is to take action. If you can also connect this with your Life Mission - even better! Realize you can not control everything. If problems occur, focus on solutions. There are always alternatives. Be ready for miracles llike a sunset in Tallinn, Estonia. Action moves you forward - we guarantee it!
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With aloha from Crystal Ra & Michael
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Find Your Life Mission with Confidence


We believe that all of us are born with a Life Mission. Sadly, most of us have no idea what this gift is and how to activate it. Whether it’s being or becoming an opera singer, a teacher, a cake maker or a writer. We each have our gifts inside and we believe it is each individual's responsibility to use them and share them with the world!

As we recently shared in our How to Increase Your Abundance series, in Hawaii when a child was born a local wisdom man or woman from the village could sense where the child could bring the most joy, gifts and expression and then the child was taken to the part of the community that would best be served to live with a family where their talents were fully supported. So, the best craftsmen for wood lived where trees were plentiful, the best fishermen lived near the sea or best kapa makers were born or live where the artistic beauty of the cloth made of pounded bark was best served. Each area had their masters and experts who took care to...

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Glimpse to our Roadtrip in 2016


Today's video is a glimpse back to our road trip in 2016. We drove from Los Angeles all the way to Mendocino and back - within a month and covered around 1500 miles... It was really nice to get to know this beautiful state and have Michael as my tour guide.

Memory from our journeys in 2016 in October:

"It was a very beautiful drive from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara today. My dear Michael Ditton had a magical experience. We drove by his old neighborhood in Santa Barbara, where he used to grow up and started his entrepreneur career with his red wagon. Luckily the new owner of the house was there and showed him around in the garden, so he could see what changes had been made. It is a very beautiful neighborhood. The other neighbors Mr and Mrs Hall were also out and they were surprised to see Michael. After a long catch up, I asked them if they in their late 80s have some tips for us - how to live life. They said - if you collect anything in life - let it be good memories, as these...

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Integration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine



We take these polarities so for granted, but what happens when we start to pay attention and work with these differently? Check out today's episode where you can see how Universe can share messages about abundance in a very interesting way. As always - self-reflection sheet will be attached to the blog. Like, share and subscribe! Put your polarities to work for you!

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What is the core to your happiness?


Aloha everyone!

We had a wonderful vacation in Avalon, which is a little town on the Catalina Island. We took 4 days off - no computer, no work - just relaxing, sleeping, swimming, hiking, eating good food and enjoying each other's company and exploring. 

We are both really hard workers and during the last year we have even overworked at times. We have many projects going on all the time and everything takes time. Because of the COVID we could not really celebrate my birthday in May or our anniversary, so we added these to Michael's birthday and celebrated it all in Avalon. 

I let myself sleep 10 hours and at times even more. I enjoyed writing my ideas down. We had so much fun. 

In the coming weeks we share one video from each day with you - so you can come along with us. These videos are different from our most videos - as we also would love to give you a little holiday and travel with us. 

We may rearrange the frequency for blogs as well as now with additional...

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What is Divine Feminine?



Today's topic is divine feminine. Check out the video! 

  • Everything is born from an idea - which is the feminine - invisible
  • Intuition - need to listen to it
  • Feminine is more passive in its nature
  • Flow in your life 
  • Water element
  • Fire element
  • Divine Feminine as a leading quality in the New Time energy
  • Divine Feminine in men

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Special edition - celebrating our third anniversary by sharing 10 steps to happy relationships!



In today's video we share some of the main points what we have learned and what have been the keys to happy relationship for us.

We know each other already for 5,5 years but today - 3 years ago we got married in Hawaii and it is our anniversary. It has been quite a journey for us! We have lived in Mexico, in Hawaii, now in San Diego and traveled to Estonia and England and some other places during this time.

We have founded a company Infinite Activation in USA together while still keeping also the Estonia business going. We have grown on the personal and professional levels in so many ways.

Check out the 10 keys for happy and sustainable relationships we share in the video and enjoy the visual journey with us while looking back at those 3 years together. We had so massively many pictures that it was hard to pick the best ones, but you will see some;)

Check out today's video on You Tube here: 

1. Define what  and how do you desire in your relationships. 

2. Have...

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Steps to Conscious Communication as a core ingredient in all happy relationships



Today we  talk about how conscious communication is a key  ingredient to build happy relationships. Check out today's video, do the task sheet and practice! We promise - your life will change for the better!


Check out today's video on You Tube here: 

Sometimes people ask us if we ever fight or have disagreements with each other as a couple as we always seem so happy.

The thing is we have both understood - we are not young any more - so we have a well developed character with certain ways and habits. We know we can not change the other.

So we have made some agreements with each other which keeps the air always clear:

  • We let the other do and be who they are at all times. We are never forcing the other to change anything, unless we see that it is really going to hurt.
  • We have 100% transparency agreement in communication
  • We agree that we can sometimes we can disagree and that does not decrease love and care for each other
  • We take responsibility to share what...
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Dreams Still Matter


We just wanted to send you some LOVE today... and talk about your belief, contributions and DREAMS.

We are being SO inspired by our new class of creatives, leaders, influencers, authors, and thought leaders in Reinvent Yourself. And we are being reminded that you cannot STOP your efforts right now. 

You know, many people complain how limited they are in this shutdown—that their dreams are somehow on forced and total pause. We get it.

It can be a lot to handle for our global community: Working from home, trying to take care of everyone else, home schooling, tending to emergencies, inspiring others to keep their heads up, keeping up with the news, trying to figure out the finances and how you'll survive and build in this virtual economy.

So much to do, and worry about.

Without intention, important dreams and projects can get pushed aside entirely.

That almost happened to us too.

Like other leaders in this industry, We are working so hard to adapt and serve in this...

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