How was our Wildfit Experience and Experiment with the Estonian chocolate?

chocolate experiment crystal ra laksmi crystal ra laksmi-ditton healthy eating infinite activation michael ditton sugar addiction wildfit 90 days challenge wildfit challenge May 30, 2021
Today we share both of our experiences with Wildfit and what were the wins and benefits of our experiences.
Michael is happy that this started off this year for him. Eating more consciously is a huge benefit.
Why is the ice cream in the freezer so long?
What is a proper human diet?
What is your Why for better health? What is Michael's?
Why is the group and coach so good in this challenge?
How can accountability help you with your health challenges?
Why is it men lose weight faster than women?
Why was it necessary to prepare the Alkagizer a night prior?
How was it to experiment with food in the restaurant?
What was Crystal's discovery with the ideal weight number she had from earlier?
How is it to flip your switch from sugar burning to fat burning and how can this influence weight?
What is Crystal's experience with the body reset? How does this influence the body, mind and spirit?
We may still have chocolate, pizza or ice cream now and then but do it consciously.
Chocolate experiment LIVE
What is a food timeline?
Body is so detoxified and reset and may react differently as it is so cleansed
Body detoxing detoxed also emotional things
Starting to read the labels and how to figure out the sugar in the ingredients?
Invitation to Wildfit intro event on the 10th of June at 11 am PST
Michael's support with Wildfit Coaching program
Check out also little video documentary about the experience;) As always - like, share and subscribe! Till the next time!


Check out also Crystal's Wildfit mini documentary here

As always, please like, share and subscribe!

With Aloha,

Crystal Ra and Michael

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