Steps to Conscious Communication as a core ingredient in all happy relationships

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Today we  talk about how conscious communication is a key  ingredient to build happy relationships. Check out today's video, do the task sheet and practice! We promise - your life will change for the better!


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Sometimes people ask us if we ever fight or have disagreements with each other as a couple as we always seem so happy.

The thing is we have both understood - we are not young any more - so we have a well developed character with certain ways and habits. We know we can not change the other.

So we have made some agreements with each other which keeps the air always clear:

  • We let the other do and be who they are at all times. We are never forcing the other to change anything, unless we see that it is really going to hurt.
  • We have 100% transparency agreement in communication
  • We agree that we can sometimes we can disagree and that does not decrease love and care for each other
  • We take responsibility to share what we need and how as clear as possible when needed
  • Always check that you are not HANGRY when you start to communicate (meaning - not too tired, too stressed out or hungry)
  • We encourage the other partner to speak their mind, express their needs and let the steam out while holding space
  • We practice active listening - when one is talking the other is listening and quiet. By the end of it you give your "talking" partner what they need - a hug, solution or whatever is needed.
  • We always figure out how any situation can teach us to communicate better and avoid a similar challenge in the future. We make notes of it so we can share and teach it to others.
  • We are aware that we have two completely different cultural backgrounds and acknowledge it - instead of fighting it
  • We see the differences in culture as an opportunity to grow
  • Always express yourself with love, care and respect and you can not go wrong! Add some sprinkles of Aloha to the top

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