Glimpse to our Roadtrip in 2016

california dreams childhood crystal ra laksmi-ditton infinite activation michael ditton road trip santa barbara Oct 18, 2020

Today's video is a glimpse back to our road trip in 2016. We drove from Los Angeles all the way to Mendocino and back - within a month and covered around 1500 miles... It was really nice to get to know this beautiful state and have Michael as my tour guide.

Memory from our journeys in 2016 in October:

"It was a very beautiful drive from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara today. My dear Michael Ditton had a magical experience. We drove by his old neighborhood in Santa Barbara, where he used to grow up and started his entrepreneur career with his red wagon. Luckily the new owner of the house was there and showed him around in the garden, so he could see what changes had been made. It is a very beautiful neighborhood. The other neighbors Mr and Mrs Hall were also out and they were surprised to see Michael. After a long catch up, I asked them if they in their late 80s have some tips for us - how to live life. They said - if you collect anything in life - let it be good memories, as these you can take with you to the heaven;) Good point! I think we are doing pretty good on that one with Michael. ;) I had heard so much about Santa Barbara but never really been there before . So many famous and rich people live here. So many movie stars, celebrities. After being here only one day I already love it. It has a very special vibe, nice energy - the ocean, the palm trees, the houses, the people. It emanates abundance in every possible way. It is also breathtakingly beautiful. People who have chosen to live here are extremely lucky and most probably also have to be very wealthy."


  • What about you and your childhood home?
  • What memories do you have?
  • What lessons did you bring with you?

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