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We believe that all of us are born with a Life Mission. Sadly, most of us have no idea what this gift is and how to activate it. Whether it’s being or becoming an opera singer, a teacher, a cake maker or a writer. We each have our gifts inside and we believe it is each individual's responsibility to use them and share them with the world!

As we recently shared in our How to Increase Your Abundance series, in Hawaii when a child was born a local wisdom man or woman from the village could sense where the child could bring the most joy, gifts and expression and then the child was taken to the part of the community that would best be served to live with a family where their talents were fully supported. So, the best craftsmen for wood lived where trees were plentiful, the best fishermen lived near the sea or best kapa makers were born or live where the artistic beauty of the cloth made of pounded bark was best served. Each area had their masters and experts who took care to give the knowledge to the new generations...

In the Modern World and Life we have so often:

  • Lost connection to our communities
  • Lost connection to ourselves
  • Lost connection to the spiritual and conscious way of living 

This has resulted in masses of people who not only hate their job, but may also be displeased with their life or feel unfulfilled... That is can create a very toxic environment not only for themselves but to everyone around them!

We believe that each person is born with a hidden treasure box inside them filled with their special gifts and all we need to do is to figure out what these are and how we can package them to share them with the world. Once we manage this – the world will be a better place!

Self-confidence pays a huge role in our Life Purposes/Life Mission and we address that at the very end of the blog. 

A few things to help us in the process of figuring out our Life Mission would be to take following steps: 

  • Think back to your childhood.. what did you really enjoy doing or being? What did Dream about?
  • How much of that dream or desire did you live and learn during the rest of your childhood or young adulthood? 
  • What do you like to do or create so that "time disappears" and it feels like you are in "your element"? This is a true passion…
  • Make a list of those things. 
  • Compare these gifts to what the people in your community or in the world need right now. 
  • Can you package and offer them your talents and gifts to serve them?  
  • Is it a product? A service? The knowledge of something you have learned that others would like to know?

This is the process of creation, happening in the world every day at every moment of the day. We once learned of a lady who LOVES to quilt and she held local quilting classes in her community. In the meantime, she maintained her 9-5 job, which she did not care for at all, just to pay the bills.  It wasn’t until someone helped her see on a larger scale, she could teach what she knew globally with this little thing we call the internet. This excited her, she found the help and knowledge of someone who’s gift was teach others how to share globally and before she knew it, she was doing what she loved full time, touching more people and earning more than she had ever earned…. This is the beauty of the universal co-creation we are here for... 

If you have not dreamed about what you would love to do - now is the time to start. It is never too late and you deserve to fully live life!

When you start to fulfill your Life Mission, you will then realize the biggest pleasure there is in life!


Here are some ideas which can help you start to grow your self-confidence: 

  • a) Go to a public speaking course or class (it is one of the biggest fears in the world and once you conquer this one, everything else will be a piece of cake)! After that, find ways to practice it!
  • b) Figure out what kind of creative workshop you could go to, like drawing, painting, knitting, wood work etc. Be opened and do it. If you find the one which you really like, keep experimenting with it!
  • c) Go hiking with some really nice group of people. If you like it, figure out a way to start a hiking or adventure company or work in one!
  • d) Do something else you have never done before. 
  • e) Join a writing workshop. It is always good to have some more self-reflection. Even if you will never have the dream to become a writer, writing is a very nice tool to take care of you and your positive psychology.

As you see the possibilities are endless. So, what happens now is that if you start to experiment with all kinds of different activities and possibilities - your true talents and gifts can surface. 

How can you recognize them?

  • If you do something you love and you do it often, it is so much easier to ask money for it and money follows easier?
  • Opportunities connected to your gifts start to show themselves not only to you but will attract others. You will be in demand because you have the unique set of talents or skills...
  • You are so much more energized and activated and you get more energy while doing what you love 
  • Everything you do seems easier.

The key in this whole process is to build your self-confidence muscle. How do you start to do that? 

It is very simple. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Start small, the key is to do one step at the time and then go forward. Do not try to jump over the stepping stones on the path to success. Keep things realistic.

An example:  you think you would love to become a doctor in your 30s, do the research to see how much time would it take to study and get your licenses? Would you have enough resources? Plan for the steps that need to be taken to accomplish this goal.

How would that choice change your lifestyle at the moment?

What about uncertainty? How do you know that you would love to be a doctor? Maybe it is a good idea to be a volunteer in a hospital first? To be in the environment and to understand what the role of a doctor entails? I know many people who studied law for a few years only to realize it is not their field... It was a good experience and provided important knowledge but maybe it would have been smarter, less expensive and less time consuming to do an internship or be a paralegal to figure these things out prior the jump, if they were not certain? If you map your dreams out in detail, you get a good overview or roadmap on how to go about moving forward with clarity and self-confidence.

  • Do something you have never done before, but what is also a bit challenging - daily! That can be to talk to a cashier in the shop, to drive home by a different route, walk on a different street, be kind to a stranger etc...
  • Dream big and bigger than your comfort zone. Put things in motion to make it happen. Face the fear and you will see you can go through it with ease and there is always a treasure on the other side of the fear...
  • You need to build some consistency even if it is a small thing like writing 1 poem a day for a year. Whatever it is, once you manage it, it shows you can focus, make it happen and you can take the experience to everything else in your life! 
  • Once you start to experiment and practice your talents and gifts, your self-confidence starts to grow step by step. But you need to be consistent! For example, a guitar player needs to practice certain number of times before being able to perform, unless he or she is born as a genius... 
  • One of the elements of self-confidence is that it is connected to self-love, self-value and self-image. Do you see how they are connected in you and in your life? Your self-confidence will be weak if you do not love yourself, if you have bad self-image and you do not value yourself enough. So, these things need to be looked at as well.
  • You can start to boost your self-confidence by looking into options how to boost your self-image, self-value and self-love.
  • If your self-confidence is a problem, find a mentor or a coach who can help you with that or be surrounded by people who emanate self-confidence. We even have a whole program about that!

So simply put - once you figure out your Life Purposes which consist of all these different areas, talents and gifts and align with your biggest dreams and put it all into action, your self-confidence will be cultivated and will accompany you every day for the rest of your life and your LIFE MISSION will be in full swing!

Take Crystal Ra's for example with her water therapy. She had the deep-water fear. Once she faced the fear and got rid of it through a water therapy class, within 1 week, a client came to her to ask if she could help her go through the same process. Crystal Ra had no idea how to do it but trusted that if that opportunity showed up with a client and her personal pool, it would be not smart to accept it. So, she did. After some time more clients asked for it.

Over the next few years later she started to further experiment with the class that helped her and incorporated her own ideas, this was when Wantra was born. Wantra (water + tantra) her own Water Modality. This went from a fear, to a desire, to creation, to helping a few and on to being offered at high end 5 star hotels like St Regis Spa, Four Seasons and Villa Ananda Boutique Spa with a great success. She had no idea that her water fear kept her from a gift to help herself and others in the process!

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