Your Relationship with Yourself is the Foundation for Everything


“Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything.” Having a good relationship with yourself gives you important for your own well-being and happiness. ... Having a good relationship with yourself improves your relationships with others.

What is really interesting about relationships is to think that we are born from the co-creation of two people, your mother and your father. These two polarities, two opposites, come together and then one lucky seed makes it through the 100 million to 1 odds and we are the 1 in million winner. You have already won the jackpot!!! 

We are born and raised in a family where there is a process where we as the baby learns how to connect and communicate. Research in social anthropology by Margaret Mead shows that if the baby does not get enough physical touch or connection it can actually die... of course this is an extreme example of what the lack of a relationship can do.


They have also discovered that when a...

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How to Increase Your Abundance


How to Increase Your Abundance

Abundance is more than just money. Abundance is everything!! The deep blue sky, the vast oceans, the love we can feel and YES, money too. If we open ourselves up to Holistic Abundance, we let more of it ALL in. Who doesn’t want more Abundance, in all forms!!

Find out what Holistic Abundance is and how you can get more of it.

Holistic Abundance, here is how we describe it. 

Holistic Abundance is a total picture, it’s our strength…. our mind, body, and spirit are aligned, it includes love, health, joy, service and material abundance. Holistic Abundance involves feeling fulfilled and living a life of meaning, purpose, and not just having a certain dollar amount.

Many times, you hear people talking about money as the only form of abundance. It is not only money. Money is just one possible expression of abundance and helps to create more abundance if used wisely. 

We call this “holistic or conscious abundance”.


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Is now the time to become a Queen or King you are here to be?



Today we talk about how to emerge into that true Queen and King you are here to be. You can become a Queen or King just by practicing it from role models who already embody it.

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Why are you an Entrepreneur?



Today we will discuss something very simple. Many of us who we become entrepreneurs we may not even consciously go through the process why we do it, but it really helps to reverse engineer it as it helps to get more clarity about your motivation and your direction, which makes arriving to your destination so much faster and easier. 

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In today's video we ask you the crucial questions: 

  • If you already are an entrepreneur - why did you start this journey? What was your core impulse? 
  • a) Was it to get out of pain? 
  • b) Was it to solve a problem for you or others? 
  • c) Was it because you fell in love of the process of figuring things out or the process of change?
  • d) Did you feel the call to help others?
  • Look back and figure out in which of the areas have you offered your services in: 
  • a) Health
  • b) Wealth 
  • c) Relationships
  • After answering to all of these questions - what is your mission and vision...
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How projections and expectations may ruin your relationships and business?



Today we share with you several steps how to improve your relationship with yourself and others. We talk about projections and expectations we put on to others, how this can become imprisonment for them and how they can not unfold their true being. From there on - you will have a relationship which is built on lies. How to avoid that?

Here are some other questions to help you to find out more who you really are by Prince Ea. 

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Four Elements in Relationships

Each one of us has elements in our character which are very natural to us. When we find a partner our elements start to communicate, interact, weave together or reject each other.
Michael and I have found that our relationship has changed for the better through conscious attention and use of the four elements.
The main elements we look at are: fire, water, earth and air. These are the elements which are super important in the new time energy which we can talk about more in detail in future posts.
First we would like to share our understanding of the four elements.
The fire element is one of the core elements in the new time energy. The reason is because it is directly connected to our individual and global life purposes. Fire element is connected to the warmth of the fire and heat and everything to do with inspiration, passion and action taking from the motivation perspective. People who have fire element as their core element are usually very inspiring...
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