Four Elements in Relationships

four elements infinite activation relationships Nov 18, 2018
Each one of us has elements in our character which are very natural to us. When we find a partner our elements start to communicate, interact, weave together or reject each other.
Michael and I have found that our relationship has changed for the better through conscious attention and use of the four elements.
The main elements we look at are: fire, water, earth and air. These are the elements which are super important in the new time energy which we can talk about more in detail in future posts.
First we would like to share our understanding of the four elements.
The fire element is one of the core elements in the new time energy. The reason is because it is directly connected to our individual and global life purposes. Fire element is connected to the warmth of the fire and heat and everything to do with inspiration, passion and action taking from the motivation perspective. People who have fire element as their core element are usually very inspiring and motivating. Being around them makes you feel elevated and wanting to create more and change your life more.
The water element is another one of the main core elements in the new time energy. It is connected to the feminine energies, flow, emotions and everything to do with the softness of being a human. These people are in connection with their heart and they follow their intuition very easily.
The earth element is an important element if you really want to manifest something into physical reality. Here we have structures and systems and people who are in direct contact with practical details and are more doers than dreamers and more connected to their bodies. This is the element of the masculine energies.
The air element is expressed via the communication, energies, knowledge, studies and traveling. It is all connected directly to the air element - clouds, being up in the air, wind or on top of the mountains. This is also where many big visionaries and dreamers belong to.
Each element has mature elements expressing themselves or the contrary immature. This is another huge topic we do not focus on today.
We would love to share how has this has been in our relationship and how we noticed the elements in our relationship.
When we got together with each other, we instantly noticed our elements in works. Michael is a very good planner – which is part of the air element and I am a good flower – water element in action. Before meeting Michael I had mostly been very flowing in my life – with no big master plan. After I met Michael I changed that. I have more structure in connection with my earth element now.
Michael is a strong earth element’s representative – as his finances are in order at any time, his physical reality is very well organized and systematic, his environments around him are in good order at all times too. He always thinks before he acts – which is actually the air element and earth element in cooperation. Most people act first and then think. He thinks how to make everything as easy as possible by going through all the details in the possible outcome and then acts.
My strongest elements are air and water. I get millions of ideas and I flow with some of it, but many of these have not manifested yet, as the representative to these elements we may have trouble to finish things. Now having Michael on board, this has helped me enormously to build more structures, systems and patterns which make me finish things instead of just dream about it. I am very passionate about my ideas and sometimes I would just jump into it before thinking it through in detail. When Michael comes in to that space and asks me questions about the different options related to the idea, then it automatically creates a clear path for this to flow in the fastest pace into the possible physical outcome.
In the beginning I was resistant to this as I was used to my ways of doing things and expressing myself. It was very obvious that in the long run it did not really work that well sustainably, otherwise I would already have had more results on all possible levels.
I help Michael to flow with me and sometimes not know where we are going and how and during this adventure we find out some new things and possibilities which would have probably never happened if we would have gone the earth element way – mapped and planned everything into detail. I invite him to watch the sunset with me or receive my Wantra water session with me.
I love how Michael has challenged my earth element and has helped me to strengthen it in every possible way. Because that has happened my earth element is now much better integrated. I am a better woman, business woman and also a wife because of that.
For example earlier I did a lot of emotional shopping, now I am planning my shopping ahead of time and if I need something I may actually wait for this to pop up on a sale or a better deal. My recent office table I was looking for almost 6 months. Once I got the best deal I scored it for 59% lower in price. Now I can use that extra money for something else. Money is the earth element. Because of my wiser choices I have more money to spend on things I really need.
In addition to how your personal or partnership elements look like you should check out where you live.
Every place has leading elements as well. Like here in Hawaii we actually have 4 leading elements – we are surrounded by massive ocean from all corners which is supporting the water element, we are the island where the lava is constantly flowing, air element connected to the constant trade winds and the earth element connected to the 3 volcano mountains here on the island where Mauna Kea is considered one of the tallest one in the world (measured from the ocean floor). Just being and living in such an environment helps to support and integrate the elements better.
So our external elements are supporting us in every possible way and if nothing else we can consume these energies and share the balanced element energies wherever we go from Hawaii.
Many times there are issues in relationships because people are not aware of their personal elements and how their partner's elements are working together and how to make it the most efficient on every level. In order to figure that out our main suggestion is to map your personal elements first, thereafter your partners, then see where you have challenges and how one person's element can support the other one to develop further and become better with it.
The other thing which may also come up is the immaturity of certain elements or when the elements are out of balance. For example when someone is too passionate, it can literally 'burn' the other person or when someone is too flowing and airy - the other person may need more grounding or when someone is just dreaming and the other person just wants to get things done. It is super important that each person will keep all their elements balanced and in the flow at all times. This becomes even more important in the new time energies.
We can talk about how to help our elements to express themselves and help to balance us on regular bases in some of the future posts.
To make these posts more fun we will give some possible homework for you. This helps you to understand and integrate our weekly topic.
1) So for homework your task is to map out what are your personal main elements which you feel most comfortable with and the ones which are the most challenging for you. 2) Thereafter map the elements you think are the strongest in your partner. If you do not have a partner you can use a family member or a colleague as an example. 3) Look for where are the common areas where the elements do cooperate already or have a chance to do so and where the challenges lie. Offer solutions for helping all the elements to weave together more as this can create a better relationship quality for you in every way.
Share your results underneath this blog post.
We wish you a fun relationship dance with all the four elements!
If you would love to explore how we work with the four elements more visit our live events in Estonia this summer or join our adventure retreats.
The Estonian info is up here:
Short summarized info about our Estonia tour in English is coming out soon. Keep yourself tuned!
The rest of our events are lined up under the Infinite Activation Events link.
Aloha and Mahalo! Crystal Ra and Michael <3

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