The importance of family and how it's connected to your "Why".


Today we address a very important topic for every human being on this planet. When Oprah asked most of her audience members what makes them happy - 99% of the time people said - their family or children.

But why is it then that we so often forget that and work, work, work or take no quality time to spend with our loved ones?

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The matter of the fact is that we were all born into a family even if it was a broken one, and deep inside we have the human need to belong and "family" is one of the most easiest way to make it happen. 

If your current family is hurting you or in any other way is not supporting you - you need to take a time out to figure out what is going on and what you can do to change that.

As family is very closely also connected o the Abundance Wheel, especially through the relationships corner it influences your abundance as well. We so truly feel that family or "ohana" as Hawaiians say is one of our core...

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Is Now the Time to become a Boss?



Inspired by a short newspaper article comes our next episode with inspiration and ideas how you can step out of the "unemployment" into the creator or even a boss - a boss to your company or to your life! We love to challenge you to turn your life upside down once again - in a positive way!

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Why are you an Entrepreneur?



Today we will discuss something very simple. Many of us who we become entrepreneurs we may not even consciously go through the process why we do it, but it really helps to reverse engineer it as it helps to get more clarity about your motivation and your direction, which makes arriving to your destination so much faster and easier. 

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In today's video we ask you the crucial questions: 

  • If you already are an entrepreneur - why did you start this journey? What was your core impulse? 
  • a) Was it to get out of pain? 
  • b) Was it to solve a problem for you or others? 
  • c) Was it because you fell in love of the process of figuring things out or the process of change?
  • d) Did you feel the call to help others?
  • Look back and figure out in which of the areas have you offered your services in: 
  • a) Health
  • b) Wealth 
  • c) Relationships
  • After answering to all of these questions - what is your mission and vision...
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How to scale your business during COVID and acknowledge your accomplishments?



Today we give you an overview what we have been up to during the COVID period and how that has helped us to scale our online business?

How can we approach this situation as sailors and what can you learn and put to practice? Once you reach to your new destinations - how to acknowledge your accomplishments?

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Enjoy our new topic - How you can Scale your business during COVID and acknowledge your efforts!? Here are some tips and tools how to work with it more deeply. Check out also our video from today's session!


If you are willing to face a challenge and discomfort in your life take these steps:

  • Readjust your destination and course if needed at the moment!
  • What needs to change during this transition? Where do you need to change?
  • Do you need help in this transition? Who can help you right now?
  • What would it take for you to start to listen fully to your Inner Woman and intuition?
  • What would it take to put your intuition into action...
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