How to scale your business during COVID and acknowledge your accomplishments?

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Today we give you an overview what we have been up to during the COVID period and how that has helped us to scale our online business?

How can we approach this situation as sailors and what can you learn and put to practice? Once you reach to your new destinations - how to acknowledge your accomplishments?

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Enjoy our new topic - How you can Scale your business during COVID and acknowledge your efforts!? Here are some tips and tools how to work with it more deeply. Check out also our video from today's session!


If you are willing to face a challenge and discomfort in your life take these steps:

  • Readjust your destination and course if needed at the moment!
  • What needs to change during this transition? Where do you need to change?
  • Do you need help in this transition? Who can help you right now?
  • What would it take for you to start to listen fully to your Inner Woman and intuition?
  • What would it take to put your intuition into action NOW?
  • When the results start to show how can you celebrate
  • Acknowledge your results and wins and victories! This will feed your dopamine and motivation in your brain and encourage you to keep going.

Enjoy your next steps! Remember - nothing changes without taking action!


If you need assistance in scaling your business or life in a holistic way, let us know and we can schedule a free 30 minutes Power Coaching call to figure out if we would be a good match to help you on that path. 

If you need a tech system to support your scaling with your business and enter the e-learning industry, we warmly recommend Kajabi.

Kajabi provides digital entrepreneurs an all-in-one platform which enables them to create a life of freedom on their terms, whatever that may look like.

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Watch the video, read the blog, do the tasks, subscribe! Share with us your comments and questions in the comment sections!

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Thank you for your time and attention!

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