The importance of family and how it's connected to your "Why".

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Today we address a very important topic for every human being on this planet. When Oprah asked most of her audience members what makes them happy - 99% of the time people said - their family or children.

But why is it then that we so often forget that and work, work, work or take no quality time to spend with our loved ones?

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The matter of the fact is that we were all born into a family even if it was a broken one, and deep inside we have the human need to belong and "family" is one of the most easiest way to make it happen. 

If your current family is hurting you or in any other way is not supporting you - you need to take a time out to figure out what is going on and what you can do to change that.

As family is very closely also connected o the Abundance Wheel, especially through the relationships corner it influences your abundance as well. We so truly feel that family or "ohana" as Hawaiians say is one of our core values. As Aloha Ambassadors we actually create new "ohanas" wherever we go.

This last year we visited some of our friends in England and became very easily part of their families and they became part of our family. It can be that simple. 

Even if you do not have an outer family at the moment - you must remember that we all have our Inner Family - Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man. They are always here for you. If you need guidance how to communicate and cooperate with them, let us know and we have many programs and coaching sessions built on that!

If you are from a broken family and have had it really hard to forgive to your family or build good relations inside your family, we recommend to look into an option to create your own family - so pick a handful of people who you get very close with and share many of the moments of your life.

Family gives meaning, helps to support you through tough times and amplifies and multiplies your feeling of happiness and joy when you have a moment to share. Family can become your biggest treasure, asset and abundance there is...

So all in all check out today's task sheet to evaluate how is "family" in your life. Do you have a family? If not why so? If you do what does it mean for you, what are you willing to do for them etc. 

We so truly believe that once everything is fine and in balance with your family - you become a much more balanced person and also a happy human beaming and can fulfill your life in so many ways and much more with ease and also feel richer inside and out. 

For us family and family time is part of our core values. We loved how Hawaiians approach the family concept. In Hawaiian it is called "ohana" and it can consist not only of your blood family, but other members who you love to be part of your family. Everyone understands that you are all ONE - so if you do something bad, you will influence everyone in your family instantly. If you do something good - you will influence everyone in a good way as well. Aloha is an expression of unconditional love which is the main essence in families. If someone needs help, someone in the "ohana" will help. Even if that help does not come back to you one day from that same person - Hawaiians believed that all the good will circulate and eventually find its way back to you again anyways... 

We travel quite a lot and we have created many "ohanas". We have our Estonian "ohana" and then we have our England "ohana" and we have Palm Desert "ohana'", San Diego "ohana", New York "ohana", Mexico "ohana" etc. 

We are always ready to help and contribute to the people who connect with us from their hearts. This way our "global ohana" is growing every day. Just last week we found 3 new "ohana" members from Canada.  

Ohana and family makes us stronger and we can help and reach to so many more people.

So we would recommend you to do a little self-reflection assessment by going through the questions below this blog post to see where you are with your family or families.

Maybe if you have had many negative experiences about family - you have pushed many good and kindhearted and loving people away from your life and it is time to release and forgive these old wounds and turn a new page and let the good in?

One of the first step on that journey can actually be to work with your Inner Family. Through the healing of the Inner Family - your outer family - even if not existing yet, will change and create the family you desire also in your outside world.  Let us know if we could help you on this path. 

Watch the video, read the blog, do the tasks, subscribe! Share with us your comments and questions in the comment sections!

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Thank you for your time and attention!

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