How facing discomfort can help you become a successful Entrepreneur!



In today's session we share couple of challenges and discomforts we have gone through in our lives and business and how that has helped us to become more successful and achieve more goals.

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If you are willing to face a challenge and discomfort in your life take these steps:

  • Set a very clear goal what you would love to achieve (like in my case speaking Norwegian)
  • Figure out what steps you need to do to achieve it (in my case take a class, but as these were not available I was learning it myself)
  • Take extra measures to get faster results (like me asking my new Norwegian friends not to speak in English with me)
  • Keep taking the steps or practicing so that you will achieve your goal (after practicing and intensively using Norwegian I spoke fluent Norwegian only 4 months later!!!)

Learning new things is always uncomfortable as well challenging, but if you are willing to take the steps and keep going, you will get to your destination...

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3 Steps from Fear to Fuel of Courage



Today we share three steps how to move from fear to fuel of courage.

As this topic is still very relevant for very many put it all to practice and change you and your life!

1. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable! Know that if you focus on the destination and keep wiggling between comfort and discomfort you will get to your destination. You may feel more confident and desire to go through this one more time. This makes you grow. The biggest achievers in the world master this process and do not run away from the discomfort, they actually run towards it to master the discomfort!

2. Count your blessings in the present moment. Here we do not mean just automatic blessings - like my body is functioning and I feel good, but on the bigger scale. What gifts and presents have come from this situation into my life which I did not have before? 

Like in our case - we have reached some new financial goals, we have started a new challenge to take our business and ourselves to a...

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