3 Steps from Fear to Fuel of Courage

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Today we share three steps how to move from fear to fuel of courage.

As this topic is still very relevant for very many put it all to practice and change you and your life!

1. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable! Know that if you focus on the destination and keep wiggling between comfort and discomfort you will get to your destination. You may feel more confident and desire to go through this one more time. This makes you grow. The biggest achievers in the world master this process and do not run away from the discomfort, they actually run towards it to master the discomfort!

2. Count your blessings in the present moment. Here we do not mean just automatic blessings - like my body is functioning and I feel good, but on the bigger scale. What gifts and presents have come from this situation into my life which I did not have before? 

Like in our case - we have reached some new financial goals, we have started a new challenge to take our business and ourselves to a new level, we spend more quality time together, we cook really good healthy meals together, we got to walk in new places because the beach was closed, we got a new bike so we can get to know the area better and move outside as the gyms are closed. We got the stimulus check coming in, and Michael has a special deal with one of his contract jobs, where he still gets paid, but stays home, but is on call to go back when he is called back and virus is over.

This helps you to put things into perspective and helps you to change your attitude from the victim perspective to wow - it has actually turned out very good or even better than we hoped.  

3. Check out what has happened. What has been taken away, what has amplified? If your spiritual path was really on its way to the wrong direction, all of these things were taken away and new directions were given. This is why it is really good to reconnect with your Inner Guidance and Inner Woman as well as then when the room goes dark, you will be so much better prepared and you will never fear darkness or unknown the same way again! Use this time to figure out your clearer direction, especially also spiritually!

These are super simple steps and all you need to do is check out our task sheet how you can put these to work for you. If you really want our ideas to work for you too, practice them and do the task sheets, otherwise it is just info in and out. 

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