The importance of relationships & networks in doing business



Today we talk about the importance of relationships and networks in doing business. We have both been very outgoing and communicative people wherever we go and whatever we do. Relationships are very easy for us to establish as well to maintain. 


Here is the picture of our meeting today with Berta and Ceci from Florida. Berta is originally from Cuba, I am from Estonia and Michael from USA. So we have 3 countries represented on the picture;) We love it international<3 

We absolutely love networking and growing our business through that. 

In today's video we share some of our tips and tools and stories about today's topic.

Put these in use and you will also experience - you are as successful as many successful relationships you have! Connections and relationships are your new assets!

Check out today's video above or in You Tube here: 

Promised Succulent Turtle gift we got from the new Scooby owners;) 

Check out their new Insta page they made for...

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High Performance and Recovery - inspiration from HPX LIVE with Brendon Burchard in San Diego



We share some tips and tools from our own lives while reflecting on Brendon's knowledge sharing during the event. We give you also some tasks to self reflect on. Watch it, do it, share it and subscribe!

Check out today's You Tube video here: 

Check out our other snippets from HPX LIVE event with Brendon Burchard here

* HPX LIVE event intro here: 

* Our first day's snippets are here: 

* Our second day's snippets are here: 

* Our third day snippets are here: 

We have followed Brendon for quite a while now and implemented many of his tricks and it has also helped us to share more of our gifts as well receive more abundance. Brendon is a teacher of such magnitude - full of love, care, kindness and wisdom and so humble. We love to learn from him and work with him and recommend everyone who feels the call to follow it. 

Check out his books here: 

High Performance Habits 

The millionaire messenger 

The Motivation Manifesto 


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Importance of habits in your personal and professional life



In this FB live we look into what role do habits have in your professional and personal life and what you can do to be more conscious about your habits and how you can change some bad habits and how all of these are connected to your abundance as well!

Both of us will share one story connected to the topic and end with a list of tasks which help you to implement tips and tools from today's topic. Watch the video, read the blog, share it and become our subscriber as we plan to share many amazing tips and tools in the coming weeks, months and year!

Check out today's video on You Tube here: 

Today's tasks are here: 


Check out Brendon Burchard's book - High Performance Habits here: 

Thank you for your time and attention!

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