The importance of relationships & networks in doing business

brendon burchard business crystal ra laksmi crystal ra laksmi-ditton infinite activation michael ditton networking relationships in business Jun 30, 2020


Today we talk about the importance of relationships and networks in doing business. We have both been very outgoing and communicative people wherever we go and whatever we do. Relationships are very easy for us to establish as well to maintain. 


Here is the picture of our meeting today with Berta and Ceci from Florida. Berta is originally from Cuba, I am from Estonia and Michael from USA. So we have 3 countries represented on the picture;) We love it international<3 

We absolutely love networking and growing our business through that. 

In today's video we share some of our tips and tools and stories about today's topic.

Put these in use and you will also experience - you are as successful as many successful relationships you have! Connections and relationships are your new assets!

Check out today's video above or in You Tube here: 

Promised Succulent Turtle gift we got from the new Scooby owners;) 

Check out their new Insta page they made for Scooby:

A happy new Scooby family;)  Picture by Allison Ovid;) 


 Check out the artist we found in the public space in San Diego -

Check out today's task sheet for some self-reflective questions from today's blog below the picture. 

Enjoy deepdiving into yourself with self-reflective questions!


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