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Aloha from Crystal Ra and Michael

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Many times, you hear people talking about money as the only form of abundance. It is not only money. Money is just one possible expression of abundance and helps to create more abundance if used wisely.

Gobal Mission

Global Mission

We are making our way around the world sharing our story, doing retreats and seminars, working with clients individually and in groups. Starting our story in Mexico, spreading to the United States and to Estonia, we provide inspiration, support and guidance to all who wish to expand their personal, professional, and spiritual life. We encourage them to identify and live their own life mission.

My methods

Three paths to explore:

Coaching Through Change

As Coaches we support clients in identity development and achieving specific personal or professional goals by providing useful guidance.


Workshops and Seminars are a good way to learn new skills and to familiarize yourself with a topic you want to know more about.

Online Courses

Our Courses are designed for those wishing to further their personal and professional development. You will learn how to be more confident, happier, productive and successful.








Life Purpose/Life Mission

Your compass to guide you, your goals and actions to serve others and ultimately fulfill you.


Be it personal or professional, friends, family or lover, active or passive, we support a better balanced relationship with yourself and others.


Holistic Abundance is FREEDOM, and so much more.

It's a mindset, a feeling, or a way to live. Events that you celebrate, people that make you happy, or things that make you feel free, this is Abundance.

Would you like more ABUNDANCE in your Life?

Offered Programs

Our specially designed online programs give you the tools and freedom to work at your pace and accomplish your desired goals on your timeline!!

Our Group & Private Coaching Programs are designed to give you the maximum value in a timed framework with the skill, knowledge and guidance of a Certified Coach!!!

ReInvent Yourself

Creating a life you love starts with you!

We will guide you through a new step-by-step system of transformation.

We will show you how you can design the life of your dreams on your terms.

ReInvent Yourself Today!

3-Steps How to Expand Time & Abundance

Abundance is more of a mindset, or a way to live. Events that you celebrate, people that make you happy, or things that make you feel free. We are surrounded by abundance.... With effective Time Management you can Expand Time & Abundance... We can show you how...

Show Me How To Expand Time & Abundance

Attract More Abundance

Lessons how to clear abundance blockages and shift your thoughts from a scarcity based mindset to an abundance based mindset & lifestyle.

Stop living from Lack and start living in Abundance.

I Want to Attract More Abundance!

Holistic Wellness Reset

Body & Habit Transformation.

Take the 90 day challenge with your Certified Holistic Wellness Coach Crystal Ra, and change your life forever!!!

Join Holistic Wellness Reset Today!

Mental Fitness

Discover your 10 Inner Saboteurs, Empower your Inner Sage's 5 powers, & develop your Conscious Self Mastery

Reset Your Sage

Inner Family Archetypes

Creating a life you love starts with you!

We will guide you through a new step-by-step system of transformation.

We will show you how you can design a life of your dreams on your terms.

Take the First Step to Transformation

Nice to meet you!

Michael & Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton.

 Guiding others in redefining their life by providing the tools that make one aware and consciousness of how to live their dream life on their own terms. Our individual and common life experiences, knowledge and desire to guide others has become our global mission.

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Not just your Average Guides

Michael & Crystal Ra were honored to be 1 of the 10 couples from around the world to be a part of this beautiful project.

There is a One and Only Love Partner for each one of us, and whom you will love unconditionally. This person is also known as your Spirit Mate. Your Spirit Mate is the other part of you – your spiritual half in another body – but how do you find your Spirit Mate in physical life and enjoy the love that you were destined for?

This book has been written to help you in that quest, and in it you will find:

  • 10 amazing real-life Spirit Mates love stories
  • A deep understanding of what it is that is so unique about meeting and living with your Spirit Mate
  • Tips and advice on what you can do to meet your Spirit Mate
  • How this relationship will be different from your previous relationships

When the timing is right, meeting your Spirit Mate will be a unique, fantastic and wonderful experience, and everyone deserves to find their One and Only Love Partner and Spirit Mate

This book will touch you, inspire you and show you how to find your Spirit Mate!

Order your copy here: Spirit Mates