The importance of lazy Sundays!

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Original post Jan 13th
In the modern days where information overload is the daily challenge for all of us it is really hard to stay committed to our own self-love promises - whether these are part of our New Year’s resolutions or commitments or not - it is really hard at times to keep it up and follow through continuously.
Some weeks ago we made a conscious choice with Michael that Sundays will be our fun days (a choice we still honor today, almost a year later). It is important to have days where we also rest and recharge and where we honor the 4 R-s: relax, rest, review and rejuvenate. Because the fact is that if we do not take care of ourselves, we will be empty pretty soon and then we have nothing to give to each other or others.

Hammock is such a nice way to spend your Sundays in. :)
The problem occurs when both of us are high achievers, very committed and super focused on our goals or targets. We may push aside...
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