How to remain "Authentic You" in any relationship?



Today we give you some tips how to remain "Authentic You" in any relationship? What are your thoughts, comments and questions about this topic?

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Check out today's task sheet here: 

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Activate your Superpowers



Today we talk how to activate your superpowers. 

In the New Time Energies these are your Inner Family - your Inner Child, Inner Woman, Inner Man. Once you start to listen to your Inner Woman, the guidance will start to give you information which will start to open you up. 

Michael shares his opening at the Tantrafest 2017 where he realized that connected him more to his true spiritual purpose. Next day it opened up with a completely new possibility to use the new purpose in the group setting.

When two people come together and they connect to their individual super powers it will amplify more than double both of their powers. 

Michael also shares what does Infinite Activation actually means. Crystal Ra shares how the feminine and masculine come together - like marriage made in heaven. 

We share how we got a new idea from our Inner Women and how we set things in motion and within only 19 days created a new program online. 

Carl Jung was the first one...

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When your Inner Woman Keeps you up at night...


Aloha everyone! It has been a crazy year so far - from one move in Hawaii and then our trip to California and Palms Springs and then to Estonia for almost 3 months, 2 weeks in England and back to California and then our move to San Diego in October.

Now as we have settled here in San Diego, the schedule with all the activities will get more and more settled so I can get into a routine and will let you know what it will look like in a bit. Thank you for your patience.

Today I will talk about how to reverse your bad emotions or mindset to the better. I will also give you an overview what I have discovered can influence our sleep and what you could do to better your sleep. I will also share how I communicate with my Inner Woman and how important she is in my life. 

Many of you do not know but I have a confession to make. There has been times where I have not been able to fall asleep or sleep at all at nighttime during the last year I would say so. I think doctors would call it...

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