Activate your Superpowers

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Today we talk how to activate your superpowers. 

In the New Time Energies these are your Inner Family - your Inner Child, Inner Woman, Inner Man. Once you start to listen to your Inner Woman, the guidance will start to give you information which will start to open you up. 

Michael shares his opening at the Tantrafest 2017 where he realized that connected him more to his true spiritual purpose. Next day it opened up with a completely new possibility to use the new purpose in the group setting.

When two people come together and they connect to their individual super powers it will amplify more than double both of their powers. 

Michael also shares what does Infinite Activation actually means. Crystal Ra shares how the feminine and masculine come together - like marriage made in heaven. 

We share how we got a new idea from our Inner Women and how we set things in motion and within only 19 days created a new program online. 

Carl Jung was the first one mentioning Inner Child as an archetype. 

Crystal Ra shares her experience how she felt the Inner Man and Inner Woman making out and how the Inner Man proposed to the Inner Woman and they actually got married. 

Michael shares his first experience with the Inner Family and what happened there. 

When a couple comes together, it is not only 2 people, but all together 8 as you have 3 Inner Family members as well for each person. They also need to get to know each other and learn how to relate. That is a whole other dynamics.

Your tasks for this time: 

1. How connected are you to your Superpowers - Your Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man? If you are not quite connected yet, what can you do and change? 

2. Which of these Superpowers is your strongest and which one is the weakest and how can you strengthen that? 

3. How important is it to have balance between the Inner Man and Inner Woman? How is it with your Inner Man and Inner Woman? If they are not in balance what can be done? 

4. Is your Inner Child in fear and panic? What can you do to help her/him?

5. Imagine your life with all of your Superpowers in action! What is that like? 

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Thank you for your time and attention!

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