Special edition - celebrating our third anniversary by sharing 10 steps to happy relationships!



In today's video we share some of the main points what we have learned and what have been the keys to happy relationship for us.

We know each other already for 5,5 years but today - 3 years ago we got married in Hawaii and it is our anniversary. It has been quite a journey for us! We have lived in Mexico, in Hawaii, now in San Diego and traveled to Estonia and England and some other places during this time.

We have founded a company Infinite Activation in USA together while still keeping also the Estonia business going. We have grown on the personal and professional levels in so many ways.

Check out the 10 keys for happy and sustainable relationships we share in the video and enjoy the visual journey with us while looking back at those 3 years together. We had so massively many pictures that it was hard to pick the best ones, but you will see some;)

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1. Define what  and how do you desire in your relationships. 

2. Have...

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Steps to Conscious Communication as a core ingredient in all happy relationships



Today we  talk about how conscious communication is a key  ingredient to build happy relationships. Check out today's video, do the task sheet and practice! We promise - your life will change for the better!


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Sometimes people ask us if we ever fight or have disagreements with each other as a couple as we always seem so happy.

The thing is we have both understood - we are not young any more - so we have a well developed character with certain ways and habits. We know we can not change the other.

So we have made some agreements with each other which keeps the air always clear:

  • We let the other do and be who they are at all times. We are never forcing the other to change anything, unless we see that it is really going to hurt.
  • We have 100% transparency agreement in communication
  • We agree that we can sometimes we can disagree and that does not decrease love and care for each other
  • We take responsibility to share what...
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