Living in your happy place

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
We as humans have the ability to visualize. This is an amazing ability which can change not only our minds but also our lives. For example if you are in a really bad place in your life at the moment it does not take anything else than a bit of time and focus to close your eyes and imagine that you will be and go to your happy place.
You can visualize that you are on your favorite beach, feeling the sun on your skin, how the tropical breeze caresses your face and you can even smell some tropical flowers in the air. You can hear the ocean waves in the background and when you sit down on the sand and tuck your toes into the sand – all the worries of the world are gone in a split second!
It does not cost you a flight ticket to that beach and you do not even need to bring a passport! How cool is that?
How many of us use that ability on regular bases?
Over the years I did not understand what an...
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