Four Elements in Relationships

Each one of us has elements in our character which are very natural to us. When we find a partner our elements start to communicate, interact, weave together or reject each other.
Michael and I have found that our relationship has changed for the better through conscious attention and use of the four elements.
The main elements we look at are: fire, water, earth and air. These are the elements which are super important in the new time energy which we can talk about more in detail in future posts.
First we would like to share our understanding of the four elements.
The fire element is one of the core elements in the new time energy. The reason is because it is directly connected to our individual and global life purposes. Fire element is connected to the warmth of the fire and heat and everything to do with inspiration, passion and action taking from the motivation perspective. People who have fire element as their core element are usually very inspiring...
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