The importance of family and how it's connected to your "Why".


Today we address a very important topic for every human being on this planet. When Oprah asked most of her audience members what makes them happy - 99% of the time people said - their family or children.

But why is it then that we so often forget that and work, work, work or take no quality time to spend with our loved ones?

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The matter of the fact is that we were all born into a family even if it was a broken one, and deep inside we have the human need to belong and "family" is one of the most easiest way to make it happen. 

If your current family is hurting you or in any other way is not supporting you - you need to take a time out to figure out what is going on and what you can do to change that.

As family is very closely also connected o the Abundance Wheel, especially through the relationships corner it influences your abundance as well. We so truly feel that family or "ohana" as Hawaiians say is one of our core...

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