Embrace the change!

Lessons from Aloha University in Hawaii
I think most humans are afraid of change. Sadly change is the most constant thing in life. We can not run from it. It is inevitable. We should learn how to become friends with change and embrace it in our lives.
I would like to share another beautiful insightful story from this week about life as well relationships and change.
It was another weird rainy morning in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We do not have much rain here and if so mostly on the higher elevations in the afternoons or at night. It usually clears up by the morning. Usually when it rains the canoe club does not go out to the ocean. Despite of that possibility - I got myself ready for paddling and hoping it would clear up by the time I get to the beach.
I arrived to the beach just as it cleared up. I picked my seat in the double canoe specifically for my safety and comfort. Just before heading out to sea we were rearranged. I was placed in a single canoe...
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