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change embrace infinite activation Nov 02, 2018
Lessons from Aloha University in Hawaii
I think most humans are afraid of change. Sadly change is the most constant thing in life. We can not run from it. It is inevitable. We should learn how to become friends with change and embrace it in our lives.
I would like to share another beautiful insightful story from this week about life as well relationships and change.
It was another weird rainy morning in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We do not have much rain here and if so mostly on the higher elevations in the afternoons or at night. It usually clears up by the morning. Usually when it rains the canoe club does not go out to the ocean. Despite of that possibility - I got myself ready for paddling and hoping it would clear up by the time I get to the beach.
I arrived to the beach just as it cleared up. I picked my seat in the double canoe specifically for my safety and comfort. Just before heading out to sea we were rearranged. I was placed in a single canoe with other potential racers as I will be participating in the upcoming race with them.
I remembered what I learned from last week. I was wiser now – so I checked the seat before going into to the water and it worked. As we got out I was a bit surprised how slow paddling pace this team had. I was not used to it, but I enjoyed it.
When we got to the first rest spot, the Ironman buoy, the other single canoe paddled close to us and said we needed to change one person from theirs to ours. They decided that person was going to be me. They had too many heavy men on their boat, so the weight was off a bit, so I needed to go there instead. So something I had been so afraid – to change the seat during being out there just happened. Luckily the canoe did not capsize and we got it changed without any bad incident.
The new team was much faster and much more suitable for me. The seat worked nicely and the steerswoman was very enthusiastic and supportive. When we had our first break our caller (the one who calls when to change the sides of the paddling) apologized for not really keeping up with the paddling at times as he just broke some ribs couple of weeks ago. I asked what happened.
He said that he broke them during the last capsizing event and he was one of them trying to get the canoe up right again and situated himself wrong, so the canoe fell on him. OMG I thought. It is such a dangerous thing to do!!! The steerswoman apologized too and said that she is very grateful that he is there and counting.
The whole team was paddling in a very fast pace, the canoe was loving it and flying over the water. The morning sun was peaking behind the gray clouds and the volcano mountain Hulalai was peaking out of the clouds. The water was partly even glossy glassy and so inviting. I felt such peace and happiness in me. Everything was flowing.
When we stopped the steerswoman told me that she has been learning how to steer for about a year. I told her that she is doing a good job and how much I appreciated her job and how happy I am in my seat at the moment. We got back safe and sound, everyone was giving each other high fives and congratulating for the good paddling experience. I felt accomplished!
This adventure made me think. Wow. All I did was to change my seat and I happened to get into a better boat, faster paddler's team and even my weight, which is usually a problem (at least for me) was actually an advantage!!! So what I am trying to say with this – we should not be afraid of change in life, as sometimes change can bring us to a better place, better team, faster speed and better experience. It may turn even the bad things to work for you and other people's advantage (like my weight) and give you a much better experience. If you let go of the comfort of your seat or the way you see it in your head it should be or turn out then the universe and life can throw at you even better opportunities. You just need to be ready to receive them.
I think the same goes for relationships, major moves out of our comfort zone, changes within a workplace or other circumstances most people would would complain and try to avoid it or cling to their status quo even though the change would possibly make everything better.
I would say the contrary – embrace the change! Run towards the unknown with the safety of your heart and the curiosity of your inner child. You may get to sit in a new canoe with a faster crew and get a better experience or even find your dream partner or dream job!
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Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your comments below the note.
Aloha from us, Infinite Activation and Hawaii!
May you have a blessed week!

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