One challenging self-love tool - Part 2

challenge detox self-love Dec 24, 2018
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Emotional detox During emotional detox an issue popped up connected to my work where a wound from my childhood 'not being good enough' surfaced. I have worked with this issue for the past 20 years and I was surprised when it popped up again. Someone told me that the value I give her is not equal to the value she gives to me. I did some calculations and turns out that I gave many times more value than she gave to me.
So I realized again how much I still over deliver to people motivated by my personal deep fear that they will not be happy and it would not be enough.
Self fulfilling prophecy - that is what exactly happened.

We all would love to feel loved and get a lot of loving attention. When we do not get it and we do not express our needs verbally or openly we start to force other people to give it to us. When we start to demand it, it usually pushes people away from us.

It was all tipping over during my Hawaiian...
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