One challenging self-love tool - Part 2

challenge detox self-love Dec 23, 2018
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Emotional detox During emotional detox an issue popped up connected to my work where a wound from my childhood 'not being good enough' surfaced. I have worked with this issue for the past 20 years and I was surprised when it popped up again. Someone told me that the value I give her is not equal to the value she gives to me. I did some calculations and turns out that I gave many times more value than she gave to me.
So I realized again how much I still over deliver to people motivated by my personal deep fear that they will not be happy and it would not be enough.
Self fulfilling prophecy - that is what exactly happened.

We all would love to feel loved and get a lot of loving attention. When we do not get it and we do not express our needs verbally or openly we start to force other people to give it to us. When we start to demand it, it usually pushes people away from us.

It was all tipping over during my Hawaiian language class where the teacher started to speak in Hawaiian to me. I can not speak Hawaiian yet. I do not even understand how the grammar works as he has never really explained it. Even though he encouraged us just to repeat what he says, after 3 classes it was not really sticking with me. So I felt embarrassed, laughed at and like I was back in school, where there I was not enough either. I started to cry like a little baby.
I could hardly stay till the end of the class. By the end of the class I talked with another lady in the class who 's daughter's name is Chrystal. So she asked how my name was spelled. We walked to the cars together and she encouraged me to keep going as it is too early to quit. I was happy that I had a chance to talk to her, as this was very healing and encouraging. I got home that night and checked out some Hawaiian classes on YouTube and these were really explanatory and clear and even though it is not a proper Hawaiian way, it clicked with me instantly and I decided to work with it during the same time I would have Hawaiian class with the teacher and see if it would work for me better.
The issue of 'not being good enough' is often times rooted in the childhood memories or wounds and during this detox many of these came up. I had some real deep excavating to do. This time the only difference was that I did not run from it. I stayed, faced it and dissolved it. At least this particular layer.
Energy detox While I had all these emotional detox processes going I also started to feel lighter as my energies were cleansed. I spent more time in the nature, took more time for me and did some energy clearing for my work issues. It is all connected.

Once one bundle gets untied the rest of the systems connected to it will get influenced by it too and resolve naturally.

I had more energy than normal and my mental focus was amazing. I almost could not believe it. I could just sit and work for hours without any breaks. With that focus I managed to finish my book manuscript in Estonian in no time.
Because I have done Auratransformation™, my energy is now in the final phase of crystallizing which means that my spirit energy is moving into my body. Because I had no food intake, the energy could move in faster and easier. I could actually feel it and it was so weird that I had never noticed this before during my detoxes. Maybe this time my body was really ready for it.
Environmental detox Michael and I organized and cleaned one cupboard very thoroughly and I did a very proper house clearing starting with dusting and vacuuming, washing the floors, doing proper cleansing in the bathroom, and went through and organized some of my papers and things. I also cleansed the rooms energetically by imagining clear energies sweeping through the house and then adding some healing music and incense to it. It felt like a new house after this couple of hours process.
Relationship detox My master detox always brings out some relationship wounds and while my emotional process was going with the 'not good enough' topic I also realized that many of my relationship issues both in the past and now are connected to not expressing my needs verbally and right when they come up. This is because I grew up in an environment where I could not really share my needs as these were never taken really into consideration.

So I learned a pattern – it is better not to talk about my needs as it keeps me out of trouble it is safer that way.

But what happens when we do not do it regularly, share our thoughts and feelings, it surfaces after being bottled up. The emotional and relationship toxins can turn into emotional explosions over time or what is even worse into a disease if we do not detoxify them consciously. So it is really good to check in with yourself if you have a similar issue and change that behavioral pattern.
Learn to talk openly with your partner and ask him or her to hold space for you (means you are there for them both energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically) and ask your partner to let you talk without interruption. Once I have emptied my heart, I tell my partner to only give feedback if I ask. If I do not ask, I just ask my partner to be in that space and just hold around me and tell me:

'Everything will be okay.' The previous sentence is a magical sentence which will relieve most women and take their stress away in a split second!

Doing detox together with Michael
Michael knows that the last days are usually the worse. So out of solidarity he joined me during my last days. He did not go all the way to the end but I think even only 2 days helped him a lot too. He complemented me on my strength to follow the program through and was surprised how well I felt as he got very weak and super hard core headaches right away. These symptoms may be very common if you do not do detoxes often and also if you are not that diet conscious yet. I believe that the toxins which are inside many foods (especially processed foods) may take longer time to leave our systems.
Possible home assignment
You can look into more levels – like sexual detoxing, pattern detoxing, behavioral detoxing, eating detoxing, sexual organ detoxing, past detoxing, financial detoxing etc. We can be creative and figure out which areas need more detoxing.
If it is too much to do it all at once take one detox area per week or a day and work through it.

Detoxing is like a regular house cleaning. If you do not do it for a long time then dust will gather, dirt will take over and it will start to smell bad pretty soon. The same happens within our bodies and lives.

If 10 days is too much, start just with one day!
That is better than nothing.
Suggestions before you start
Once you start to detox and you have never done it before I suggest you talk to your doctor first and ask if that is ok with your health condition. If you get a green light, only then do it. If you have never done it before the first 1-4 days may be very uncomfortable.
You may get killer headaches as the body starts to kick out all the toxins and your muscles and joints may ache and you may feel completely depleted and super tired. It is all normal as your body is going into a survival mode. If you follow the protocol of your detox it will all get you through it. It is always advisable to do it first time together with someone who has done it before or could be your supervisor.
During one of the liver detoxes I was also vomiting in the end as I had done some serious overeating couple of weeks before the detox. So my liver and kidneys were all releasing the excess stuff.
During your detox it is recommended to do salt and herbal baths, walks in nature and you should do some nice scrubs on your skin to support the dead skin cells to be cleansed out too. It is also recommended to brush your skin with cold water and take cold showers during the detox process. If you feel a lot of energy and strong enough you can train, but many times they do not recommend it as it may have a negative effect on you. You have to listen to your body here and act accordingly.


Check with your doctor first. If your doctor does not suggest you to do any detox, please do not do it. ***
I would not recommend you detox during a very demanding or stressful time of your life as it may be too much for your system. When your body is detoxing your system is turned into a stress and survival mode. So you have to be careful with it. The best times to do detoxes would be spring and autumn or summer. If you live in the tropics you can do it any time, just pick your time according to your schedule.
I hope that this blog post was inspiring and as the spring is here I hope you will all feel more inspired to detox your inner temple – your body – our most important vehicle helping us to be alive and to live our dreams on this planet. Many of my friends got very inspired by my story and are going to do it as well.

Detox is also one very challenging but very valuable self-love tool. If we take good care of our body, mind and spirit as well all of our environments - we are better in any relationship in every way.

Once I came out of the detox I felt deep gratitude to my body and myself that I care so much that I did it and managed to go all the way to the end. It is a good challenge and I will prize myself with something good. No not a cheese cake but a Hawaiian outrigger canoe race this past Saturday.
I am also much more caring towards my body. I eat less bad stuff and if I overdo it my body will let me know right away. Once your body has tasted the real ‘well-being feeling’, it will try to keep you on track. I am going to follow all the guidance my body gives me and take much better care of my body from now on.
Tell us if you have ever done any detoxes yourself and what are your experiences and what challenges you had to overcome with your detoxes and what results did you get?

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