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Yes… selves.

You’re more complex than just “you.” You’re a human with dimensions -- hopes, fears, and dreams. Your inner selves are the foundation of everything you do, and – if you lack confidence, joy, or peace, you’re probably not living in alignment with what you truly desire. Your inner selves provide guidance for your decisions, provide you with confidence, and help you reach the achievements you really desire. The question is: how do you get them to agree? How do you create harmony in that inner-family? And what would life look like if they were all working together?

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This program alone is valued at $1995 but we sell it discounted for $495 to those who have participated in any of our events and that's an incredible deal. If you order Now we will include some incredible Bonuses too, total value for course, material and bonuses valued at over $2300 all for $495... Take advantage today, before it goes away.


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$497.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

This program is $1995 but we sell it discounted for $495 to those who have participated in any of our events and that's an incredible deal. If you order Now we will include some incredible Bonuses too, total value for course, material and bonuses valued at over $2300 all for $495...

Relationship with your "Selves"

Through the conscious relationship with your 'Selves'  you will be able to always be in control of your life and your destinations even in the midst of chaos and craziness.

Relationship with Others

Re-build your relationships foundation with others and enjoy the feeling others gravitating towards you instead of feeling repelled. You will start to create two way streets in communication and relations and always feel empowered.

Find your Life Purposes & Life Mission

You will feel so much more confident and secure because you finally figure out your true purposes and life mission on this planet. You will never feel like a boat lost at sea as you have now a new direction and mission!

Create your Future & Activate your Freedom

Start to create containers, systems and structures which help you to start to live your dream life on your terms! Fear will move out and what's left is courage and self-confidence!

Course, Material & Bonuses Worth Over $2300

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What is this Reinvent Yourself program about?

If you are tired of circling around in a life where you are not happy with yourself and others in your life or hate the job you have or have no future in mind - read further!

Take the first step to REINVENT YOURSELF with these questions!

a) How am I really doing?

b) Am I truly happy?

c) Why am I here?

d) If I would die tomorrow – would I regret?

e) How to keep living and reconnect to the true values in my life?

We do not have a luxury any more to push these questions away or  delay with the time to answer to these questions. It is urgent to look deeper and deal with it NOW!


What is this REINVENT YOURSELF program about?

It invites to reinvent your life by starting with your inner Selves, thereafter your relationships with others. Once the foundation is set you can start to figure out your new life purposes and find the right channels for your gifts and talents to be expressed. 

Thereafter it is time to start to build your future consciously and step by step so that next time the world collapses - you and your life will not!


"For me this was the first time I had participated in a coaching program like this and my first cooperation with Crystal Ra. As I have been a client for therapies before - this program was very new, rich and deep. It felt like a customized dress – put together according to my exact needs! In my Inner Family, my Inner Child was the most wounded. My Inner Woman felt lonely and my Inner Man was so immature. Because of that I had real trouble to find mature men or kings in my life. I understood my old dynamics in relationships or the way I have coped how this does not support me anymore and I have started to attract mature men who actually can hold space and help me to create my life with more ease. To begin with I let my Inner Man to take care of me and then I realized that my things got taken care of in the outside world as well. Taxis are picking me up with no time, buses arrive as I get to the bus stop, radiators get aired with ease, the meetings happen at the right time which works best for me etc. There is more ease in my life on every level! The highlight of the program was the transition time from the Inner Child to Inner Woman. Everything amplified and my first real candidate for my king manifested. I think this experience was important and necessary to get to know my relationships patterns much better. I was very lucky that during the last month we also got additional bonus – the Holistic Abundance Challenge program which Crystal Ra did as daily FB lives. It really supported me and kept me on my path better. It really worked for me to have Crystal Ra's personal and sensitive style to guide me. I felt very safe. I loved how direct and honest she was and at times even wished more of that! I also got an experience how when I am more relaxed how I can create in that state with so much more ease! I got the experience that to take care of myself, keep my individual platform in the right place, changing my diet – gives so much support. I am just starting to rebuild my new life and I am so happy about these changes and accomplishments which create the foundation. Feeling good, courage and simple and supportive practices help me so much. I also did take some of the courage assignments during the program very seriously. I decided to go to the swimming lessons. To become a friend with the water is such a good thing especially for me who I have been afraid of water for so long! Even just getting to the pool at the certain time of the week was a good structure building for me and good routine. I have completely changed my ways to take care of myself! Sometimes I am going to shower and it turns into a bath! My Inner Woman is indulging herself fully. I now also check my Inner Family situation regularly. They let me take action, do not stop me anymore, but are there for my support. I have asked for help. I understood that living with intention and attention can change your life completely. I have got lots of tools and tips how to create more structures and containers in my life. I believe this will change my life even more. I feel so much more confident and the way I carry myself is like a true queen. I also say no with more ease. I have more warmth, more laughter. I have more courage to wait if needed and then choose, not to just run because of urgency. With my work I have also got more personal therapy clients. I have better and clearer structures with my finances and time. I also said no to a new job offer which did not align with my new self-realization path and I had the courage to say no to it, which I have never managed before! I felt so proud of myself! I also managed to adjust more with ease from last break up as I had now more tools and knowledge how to help myself with my inner resources. Because of that I also became a better mom to my children! I am so grateful that I could participate in this program! Till we adventure again, Crystal Ra! "


"I really loved this journey with Crystal Ra through the Inner Family coaching program. I loved the way it was set up – everything was put together so well and every detail supported my personal experience. I loved that we had our LIVE online check in-s and I could also get the recordings of the inner guided journeys. I loved how quickly Crystal Ra managed to readjust according to my needs and situations which came up during our LIVE online meetings. I loved the video feedback and analyzed video feedback for my homework. I also loved that one of the times during the Inner Child month when I really needed urgent help from Crystal Ra she was there and helped me immediately, so I was not alone with my challenge. My biggest takeaway was that I would not have believed that self-reflection can build such a strong base for understanding myself as well build my strength. I have worked with myself for quite a while but this kind of intensity and continuity gave results which I have never ever got before. Crystal Ra has a very good way to sense intuitively people's energies and topics as well issues. She manages many spiritual techniques and has had many years of experience with many clients which gave me as a client a feeling of security and safety to work with her. I feel more motivated, more self-confident, I value myself more, I understand others better, I have a better ability to analyze myself and my patterns or behaviors. I have the ability to notice my Inner Family members and because of that sense my world differently. I have the ability to plan my time better, be more intentional in my life. I have the ability to really get to know my story and expand through this and start to see and challenge myself through new opportunities and ideas which strengthens my courage and opportunities. It feels like this program helped me to gather all these different puzzle pieces of myself together and now keep them together. I feel more like a whole person. I felt that it is so crucial to get to know who you really are is the basic foundation to all kinds of human relations. My creativity got a new boost and by the end of the program I made a new song which I sang and accompanied myself on my ukulele. I learned how to sense the world from the inside out and everything in my life changed because of that and because of that I noticed also how my spiritual health and balance improved significantly. I also saw how connection and communication with our Inner Families can help us in the world which is moving towards more individualism as when they are in harmony, we will have better health and more wellness and are more full of love. I would recommend working with Crystal Ra for sure. She is a guide for you if you are ready to meet yourself honestly on every level and ready to change what is not working anymore! "


"I participated at Crystal Ra's 4 month's Inner Family program and I had many changes during the course and afterwards. I have got more courage to challenge myself professionally and I have got also more opportunities to do so with special presentations and invitations for public speaking at conferences and gatherings. Even my boss started to fully acknowledge my efforts saying that he respects and values me that I am a very feminine but also strong woman and he at times feels that I can be his mentor as well. This program also helped me to open up more of my creativity. I went to a painting class where I surprised myself with a talent, I did not even know I had. I started to put myself first and take care of myself as a first priority. I took time to relax, work out more, have more quality time with my children, sleep more. I am not that tired any more. What is the biggest gift is that I started to connect with my inner superpowers which are my Inner Family members – My Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man. My Inner Child needed quite a bit of healing and attention. The patterns I discovered during the program helped me to change the dynamics, which made a huge difference in how things were showing up in my reality. My Inner Woman was awakened and I am now listening to her guidance at any time, which makes my life easier and better. My Inner Man is supporting me in ways I did not know were even possible. I have such an amazing relationship now with my inner self. I am so authentically confident in choosing my own path and I see it much clearer what it is. I know what I want from life and I know what kind of abundance I need to realize that dream. I also realized that I have more life purposes than one and that I can start the other ones which are more aligned with my inner spiritual path. I even denied a job offer which was super prestigious, but because it would have taken me away from my true path, I had the courage to say no to it, which I would have never done earlier in my life. During this program I realized also that my long relationship with my partner was over and I took the courage to finalize it. It was such a huge step and I am proud of myself that I managed it and this program with Crystal was a divine timing for that purpose too. Crystal Ra is an amazing person! I loved every minute of the journey we had together. Such a life experience to share as a therapist and in individual level. Love the way she cared, held the space and inspired gently but firmly to push the boundaries I had even in the most difficult of the times! "


Meet Your 3 Selves & Inner Family Intro Meditation

This Introduction Inner Family Meditation and meeting your Three Selves is made especially for you who you would love to journey into your inner landscapes and get to know yourself more.

Landing to Your Center Meditation

We need different tools to lead our life out of the chaos. Here is a special meditation which is put together according to the  Positive Psychology, Neuro-science and New Time Energies. It guides you very deep and brings you back HOME - to your inner center!

Use the Seven Steps to Balance:

  • How to expand yourself and take yourself out of the chaos? 
  • How to see the future in the midst of the craziest chaos?
  • How to feed your life’s deep positivity and consciousness?
  • How to cleanse yourself according to the New Time Energies?
  • How to consciously create your Dream Future?
  • How to activate your true Source?
  • How can you help to co-create the Golden Planet Earth? 

Rebuild Your Inner Garden Meditation

Once you clean up your inner garden on several levels and layers, your Inner Garden will never be the same. The possibility for your dreams to find fertile soil to grow in, blossom and serve you will come easier.


77 Creative Affirmation Questions

Instead of static affirmations you have now an opportunity to work with these creative affirmation questions which can activate your brain, your body, mind and spirit in a way your rational mind never can. This is a new way to work with the invisible world and start to co-create with it and bring more ease into your life! 


$497.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

For $497 you will receive Reinvent Yourself, valued at $1995 and Bonuses too, total value for course, material and bonuses valued at over $2300 for just $497

Reinvent Yourself

Lets turn everything upside down and start from the self-realization - find out who are deep inside, who else is in our inner world, how to change communication and cooperation with them and communicate and create relations with others differently because of that. Thereafter start to do what we love and what is our purpose helping us to see clearer our vision while serving others and build our new futures together!


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