Why are you an Entrepreneur?



Today we will discuss something very simple. Many of us who we become entrepreneurs we may not even consciously go through the process why we do it, but it really helps to reverse engineer it as it helps to get more clarity about your motivation and your direction, which makes arriving to your destination so much faster and easier. 

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In today's video we ask you the crucial questions: 

  • If you already are an entrepreneur - why did you start this journey? What was your core impulse? 
  • a) Was it to get out of pain? 
  • b) Was it to solve a problem for you or others? 
  • c) Was it because you fell in love of the process of figuring things out or the process of change?
  • d) Did you feel the call to help others?
  • Look back and figure out in which of the areas have you offered your services in: 
  • a) Health
  • b) Wealth 
  • c) Relationships
  • After answering to all of these questions - what is your mission and vision...
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Four Keys to Optimization



Right now is the best time to actually optimize your life, but be even smarter and do it holistically.

In our today's video we share with you 4 steps how you can start your optimization and set it in motion.

1. Get clarity what needs to change and how

2. Figure out what is your WHY the big Spiritual Why as well smaller ones which get you going

3. Put in place your clear targets and destinations and make a decision to start to move towards it

4. Check out your use of time and money and reevaluate and make changes according to your new needs

If you put all of these steps into action, you will activate your Holistic Abundance more, but also be happier in your life.

The quality of your life will change and depending on what you do during the 4 steps it may even change other's lives who are surrounded by as well.

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