Goal Setting- Energy in Motion

In my books, “Dreams, Goals and Adventure” and “Goal-Setting Basics: Write It, Plan It, Do It,” I hammer home the importance of writing down your goals. Committing them to paper (or computer screen) helps you organize your thoughts, break down the steps, celebrate successes and note continuing challenges.

But writing down goals is much more than an administrative task (here’s where I give you my two-minute speech on metaphysics). Every achievement in human history began with a thought, and whether you call it the Law of Attraction or a self-fulfilling prophecy, it all comes down to one simple concept: everything is energy. The direction, vibration and frequency of your thoughts creates your new reality, and since like attracts like, sharing your goals with others can amplify your energy and help propel you toward your goal.

That said, you must be extremely selective about who you share your goals with. We’ve all gone to someone – whether...

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