Next chapter - Texas here we come! Some tips for making moving easy!

Aloha, we have some news. Yes the rumors are true! We are moving to Texas, it will be a transitional period of around 1 year or so and after next summer visit to Europe we plan to move to Florida. So far we have moved together from Mexico to Hawaii, from Hawaii to San Diego and now to Texas and then Florida... Will be from coast to coast. We also moved couple of times in Estonia with our storage. Michael has quite a workout with it. In our family Michael is the master of planning, logistics and has figured out all the details connected to it. New storage unit, what goes and what stays, what transport to pick, when to hand in the notice. Packing has already started.
Some tips Michael shares how to make your move easier:
1. Breath and get an overview
2. Pack up beforehand and as soon as you can to make it an easier transition
3. Plan as much as you can to make everything go smoothly
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To Move Forward - Take Action!



Today we share some tips and tools how to move forward. One of the first things is to take action. If you can also connect this with your Life Mission - even better! Realize you can not control everything. If problems occur, focus on solutions. There are always alternatives. Be ready for miracles llike a sunset in Tallinn, Estonia. Action moves you forward - we guarantee it!
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With aloha from Crystal Ra & Michael
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Simple keys to happiness



Check this video also out from You Tube here: 

What are the simple keys for happiness for you? 

- A bit more sun? 

- Writing in the mornings? 

- Sunbathing? 

- Walking on the beach? 

- Eating good food? 

You see it does not matter what you do, what matters is what you choose to feel better and happier. You also need to take action. Even if it is just as little as just visualizing your simple keys to happiness.

In this video we share our moments from our Catalina island from our second day where we truly relaxed on the beach, sunbathed and also swam. Doing nothing is sometimes the best key to happiness. 

What are your simple keys to happiness? Think about it and then put these to use. 

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Four simple steps away from pain



In today’s video we talk about a very relevant topic. Inspired by the conversation between Tom Bilyeu and Russel Brunson, where Russel mentioned that right now in marketing we should focus on how to move away from pain instead of how to move towards pleasure. Check it out!

Today's You Tube video is here: 

In a way we agree, even though moving towards pleasure has always been our preference, but massive collective consciousness has pulled people into the pain, fear, chaos and may this video give some tips and tools how to crawl out from it and do it for good!

– Pain as an indicator

Usually when you have physical pain happening in your body or life it is already an indicator that things have gone too far. Usually your body, mind and spirit will give warning signs. Your responsibility is to listen and act after the first time it happens. So many people have no idea how to communicate with your body, mind and spirit. As we are moving to the New Time –...

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