Simple keys to happiness



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What are the simple keys for happiness for you? 

- A bit more sun? 

- Writing in the mornings? 

- Sunbathing? 

- Walking on the beach? 

- Eating good food? 

You see it does not matter what you do, what matters is what you choose to feel better and happier. You also need to take action. Even if it is just as little as just visualizing your simple keys to happiness.

In this video we share our moments from our Catalina island from our second day where we truly relaxed on the beach, sunbathed and also swam. Doing nothing is sometimes the best key to happiness. 

What are your simple keys to happiness? Think about it and then put these to use. 

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What is the core to your happiness?


Aloha everyone!

We had a wonderful vacation in Avalon, which is a little town on the Catalina Island. We took 4 days off - no computer, no work - just relaxing, sleeping, swimming, hiking, eating good food and enjoying each other's company and exploring. 

We are both really hard workers and during the last year we have even overworked at times. We have many projects going on all the time and everything takes time. Because of the COVID we could not really celebrate my birthday in May or our anniversary, so we added these to Michael's birthday and celebrated it all in Avalon. 

I let myself sleep 10 hours and at times even more. I enjoyed writing my ideas down. We had so much fun. 

In the coming weeks we share one video from each day with you - so you can come along with us. These videos are different from our most videos - as we also would love to give you a little holiday and travel with us. 

We may rearrange the frequency for blogs as well as now with additional...

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