Goal Setting- Energy in Motion

In my books, “Dreams, Goals and Adventure” and “Goal-Setting Basics: Write It, Plan It, Do It,” I hammer home the importance of writing down your goals. Committing them to paper (or computer screen) helps you organize your thoughts, break down the steps, celebrate successes and note continuing challenges.

But writing down goals is much more than an administrative task (here’s where I give you my two-minute speech on metaphysics). Every achievement in human history began with a thought, and whether you call it the Law of Attraction or a self-fulfilling prophecy, it all comes down to one simple concept: everything is energy. The direction, vibration and frequency of your thoughts creates your new reality, and since like attracts like, sharing your goals with others can amplify your energy and help propel you toward your goal.

That said, you must be extremely selective about who you share your goals with. We’ve all gone to someone – whether...

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One key to a happy life

Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
Both of my parents were alcoholics and because of that I copied many survival behaviors along with emotional behaviors that carried in to my future adult life and relationships. It is never good enough or sustainable enough.
Both of my parents have passed, mostly because of their alcohol abuse – my mom was killed violently and her body found by the river and my dad died of lung and liver cancer only 62 years old. After this I decided I will never drink alcohol myself again. I am proud to say I have not. But the behavioral patterns are still haunting me with this background and I have to be aware any time.
One day I was guided to go to Alanon group meetings. I was very resistant to it as I felt that the recent trouble I had with a drunk employer was not my problem, but his. But as they say – you are in a bad situation until you become aware of it and move forward. Luckily I 'woke up' before too late and reset...
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Four Elements in Relationships

Each one of us has elements in our character which are very natural to us. When we find a partner our elements start to communicate, interact, weave together or reject each other.
Michael and I have found that our relationship has changed for the better through conscious attention and use of the four elements.
The main elements we look at are: fire, water, earth and air. These are the elements which are super important in the new time energy which we can talk about more in detail in future posts.
First we would like to share our understanding of the four elements.
The fire element is one of the core elements in the new time energy. The reason is because it is directly connected to our individual and global life purposes. Fire element is connected to the warmth of the fire and heat and everything to do with inspiration, passion and action taking from the motivation perspective. People who have fire element as their core element are usually very inspiring...
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Embrace the change!

Lessons from Aloha University in Hawaii
I think most humans are afraid of change. Sadly change is the most constant thing in life. We can not run from it. It is inevitable. We should learn how to become friends with change and embrace it in our lives.
I would like to share another beautiful insightful story from this week about life as well relationships and change.
It was another weird rainy morning in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We do not have much rain here and if so mostly on the higher elevations in the afternoons or at night. It usually clears up by the morning. Usually when it rains the canoe club does not go out to the ocean. Despite of that possibility - I got myself ready for paddling and hoping it would clear up by the time I get to the beach.
I arrived to the beach just as it cleared up. I picked my seat in the double canoe specifically for my safety and comfort. Just before heading out to sea we were rearranged. I was placed in a single canoe...
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