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Holistic Detox
Written by Crystal Ra
Edited by Michael
As this story is pretty long it will be shared in two parts.

Detoxing is one way to take care all of you. It is a challenging act of self-love, but very rewarding when it is done right.

I would have never thought that I would start to enjoy and manage to do detoxes on regular bases. Many of my health conscious friends are doing detoxes at least every 6 months. During my recent years I have done one longer detox at least once a year if not twice a year. With this note I look back into my detox history and how my last detox experience was like.
*** The very first detox I did in my life was when I was in my twenties. I remember we traveled to the countryside in Estonia and did not drink or eat anything for 3 days. We walked every day for hours in the forest and we did saunas in the evenings. I could hardly walk during my third day as I felt so weak. I also had very strong headaches. I could not understand what is good about fasting and did not really enjoy it. I never planned to do it again.
Next time I climbed to the top of the mountain in Northern Norway where I planned to stay for two weeks to camping during the Midnight summer time. To lighten my load and take less food I decided to fast some days in between and only drink water. I also did no water drinking for a few days to challenge myself.
That was one of the most powerful times without food. My senses opened up and I went into a very blissful state just sitting on the top of the mountain and doing nothing. I started to see the spirits and got many messages from Spirit. My new name Crystal Ra Lakshmi (original version) came on top of that mountain. It took me 2 years to get the name Crystal Ra Laksmi officially into my passport, but it literally changed my life.
Later I have done several liver detoxes in a retreat center in Mexico where we drank particular juices which were put together in such a way that it started to cleanse your liver. Liver is the center of fear, many emotional wounds and stress. Liver is our main toxins organizer center in our body. If we do not cleanse it regularly it may get overloaded and create other problems in our body.
I did several Coral Club's Colo Vada detoxes for 14 days where you eat healthily for most of the time, and have 4 days where you drink only clay in the middle of it. It was easy and I was amazed how it cleansed my digestive system and colon so thoroughly.
I also did one 10 day Master Detox couple of years back with great results.
I have done some Isagenix detoxes which were shorter, but somehow do not fit with my body. We did one program called Diet Free Life which lasted for 6 days last year with Michael.
This was my very second Master Detox in my life. Most detoxes talk mostly about detoxing your body. They do not talk about detoxing your emotions, your home, or your energies or relationships or other parts of your life. But when we detox our body, we start to detox on every level in our lives. More about this next time.
I share some of my experiences during my last Master Detox for the 10 days which I just finished on the 12th of March here in Hawaii. During this master detox I was drinking around 3 liters of detox lemonade – consisting of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup and every evening I also drank a mix of clay which supposedly helps to cleanse the toxins from the walls of your digestive system. Before going to bed I also drank a detox tea. In the morning I did the salt water flush.
Read more details about the detox here:
I live a pretty healthy life. I try to eat as healthy as I can, I train as often as I can. Recently I started to train 5-6 times a week and it made me lose 5 pounds prior the detox.
So people ask me why do I detox? I detox not because I am only obsessed about the numbers and pounds I will lose. I mainly do it because it makes me feel lighter, cleanse my system and reset my body. They say that only with 4 days of detox you can boost your immune system completely and that it activates your metabolism many times more. All in all I truly believe in it as it felt like it.

I also believe that in the future we will change our eating habits drastically which means that we may need to reconsider what and how to eat and when. I think most people still eat very unconsciously.

I am very glad that during the last years the conscious eating and food preparation has become more popular.
My results of the 10 day detox
- I Lost 10 pounds within 10 days - It felt like my eyesight got better
- I lost most of my cellulite
- I weighed 72 kgs after my detox. My ideal weight would be 65, so I am getting closer
- My head got very clear
- I was not sleepy after lunch or dinner (which I often times am when I eat regularly)
- I did not need my daily nap
- I got very many creative ideas and some of them I also implemented which already
created more abundance and possibilities
- My mental focus was 100%
- I could work with mental projects for many long hours with no breaks
- Emotional detox topic – 'I am not enough' came to my consciousness to be cleared
- Missing the activity of eating but not the food itself
- Sleeping less – 5-6 hours instead of 8-9 hours which I needed recently
- Could train easily twice a day with no problem (had enough energy) in the first part of the detox
- My senses got more activated (especially smelling)
- My crystallization process (where the spirit enters the body) got intensified and I crystallized within that time equal to 10 years while eating normally
- Food has a lot of information – without it my head was empty
- I had less worries as food was not feeding my emotions
- During my second day my throat which had been itchy felt fine again – detox boosted my immune system
- I had felt weird and kind of sick for a while – felt completely healthy on the 3rd day of detox
- The most powerful day was day number 5 where I was full of energy
- I was much more productive in every way in every area of my life
- It seemed that some of the wrinkles disappeared on my face
- My facial skin looked clearer and healthier
- I had more energy
- Before the detox I was mostly constipating. After the detox my digestion normalized.
- I do not have such craving for sweets and cakes which has been very challenging
- I did not eat any sweets for 14 days during and after coming out of the detox. Then I started to eat only a spoonful of honey per day and some fruits. During our canoe racing which was on the 15th day after the beginning of the detox I ate my first donut and a little croissant and I did not feel good after that. So I realized that if you are used to feeling bad and sluggish you do not know what is it like to feel different without it. Interesting details - I was still pooing after the 9th day with no food – where was that poo coming from??? So that is crazy how much extra residue our bodies carry. Imagine that most people never do detoxes so they carry it all inside their system for many, many years
- On the 8th day I got grumpy because of no food – food and emotions are connected indeed
- Salt and clay flush did not work until the 7th day
- I saw some weird nightmares – on the 9th day I saw in my dream I started to eat before the end of the detox and was mad at myself
- I often times dreamt about food
- Got a little tired on the 9th and 10th day
- One day I went to free-dive and got very cold very fast as my body was not creating any heat because my metabolism was down which caused me to get cold faster and easier.
To be continued two Sundays from now...
Next time I will elaborate about emotional detox, energy detox, environmental detox and relationship detox and how was it to do couple of days detoxing with Michael.
Share with us if you have done any detoxes and how challenging these were for you and how rewarding as well.
If this was inspiring for you, please share it in your circles.
Thank you for reading and visiting our page.

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