Lets create a new chapter together this year!

abundance honor the struggle infinite activation new year Jan 20, 2019
Yes, the calendar shows it is January already, the first week is already gone and it is about time to really reset and get this year going differently than the previous one if we would love to create different results.
If you are already good and have working systems and structures, keep up the good work, if not, I believe me and Michael can share a lot with you this year.
This year will be a huge game changer for us because instead of just sharing what we do, where we go and what is going on or what we think - we are now ready to start to launch our thoughts, ideas, experiences into amazing e-products, e-classes, e-events and later also more live events, retreats, workshops and possibilities and make it serve us and our bigger dreams as well. I have so waited for this moment - actually I have asked for this all my life. I feel so lucky to be able to do it with Michael. We are a superb team and we enjoy co-creating. Even though even us - we have days where we bump heads as we are very strong and independent personalities. But then again we learn where we need to change things so we can flow in complete harmony together. This is life and very normal.
  At Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy event in Silicon Valley.
We did the major seminar in October with Brendon Burchard in Silicon Valley and implemented so many tools and tips. In fact it felt that once we got back from there we have been completely committed in our ‘creativity lab or cave’ and working day and night to get these next steps done and going so we could make a bigger difference, have bigger influence but most of all be there for the people who would love to have our tools and tips to better their lives. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a big breakthrough happening in front of our eyes!
This is the time to take action! This week we will promote our new possibility - a free webinar this Saturday (register here: ) where we will give some tips and tools how to make this year 2019 a year on your terms. We share what we have figured out makes it even more your year and what do you need to change or to do to make it happen and not only dream about it. We will also introduce our amazing 12 months M.A.K - Monthly Abundance Keys program which may inspire you to just hear about the topics we will cover during this amazing abundance journey for the rest of the year.
So if you are up to something new where divine guiding can work through the divine feminine aspect through Crystal Ra and divine masculine aspect through Michael (watch a video about it here) and together co-create a wonderful journey for all of you to make this the big game changer year in your life.
This year is the year of number 3 and means that we need to focus on cooperation on so many levels. The first one should be cooperation between your inner feminine and masculine energies. Because from that everything will be born. Be smarter this year and make smarter choices. Let us be one of those choices and we promise - you will not regret it!
We are Crystal Ra and Michael and we are Infinite Activation. We offer tips, tools and possibilities to redefine yourself, your life and expand and recreate your life on your terms. We are happy to turn on our global missions and be there for you in service.
Share with us how would you make this year different and what would it make your year on your terms?
                                          Happy New Year everyone!

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