How to save more than 3000 dollars per year with smart shopping?

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It does not matter where you are financially at the moment - our approach is that it is cool to appreciate money and take care of it and especially during the times we are all having now in 2020 - but also any other times as well.

Here is a video which gives you some tips how to do smart shopping. When we got together with Michael - I realized very quickly that it is better to let Michael do grocery shopping. He has the system down to the tee... In this video we share how this works.

How is it with your shopping?

- Do you have a club card?

- Do you check out the sales prior shopping?

- Do you have a shopping list?

- Do you go to shop hungry?

- Do you to batch shopping when needed?

- Do you have a system when you shop?

- Would that make a difference to save more than 3000 dollars per year with smart shopping? Would you do it?

Leave your thoughts and ideas below the video. Ask us questions.

If there is any way we can support you on your path let us know and we can have a little 15-minute call to figure out if we are good match. Thank you for your time and attention!

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May aloha always be with you!

Crystal Ra and Michael

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