How to find a practical and spiritual King?

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In today's episode we look into a topic which is more and more relevant, especially for many women. They awaken to their inner consciousness and self-growth and many men are not willing or able to come along. Often it ends with a divorce.

Every end is a new beginning and we share how we came together from two dramatic ends before meeting each other. Crystal Ra shares also one of her "secret marriages" and realizations which just came recently connected to that.

We share many tips and tools what you can do today to start to attract your King or Queen. The video is mainly focused on women to find a King, because this is a more common problem.

But what is very special about this video is that we have a conscious, spiritual, but also practical man like Michael here answering these questions many men and women have.

In this video - some of the topics we discuss: 

  • Why men are afraid of the spirituality?
  • Why women lose men very fast who are opening up to spirituality?
  • What to do to open up more spiritually?
  • What can inspire and motivate men to become more spiritual?
  • 2 major areas in life which will change a lot for the better for a man after they become spiritual
  • Why we would not recommend to get "secretly married"?
  • Who is the most beautiful woman?

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