Always the Season for Giving & Receiving

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Always the Season for Giving & Receiving

Always the Season for Giving & Receiving. Receiving is the less talked about and most challenging for many. Be open to receive: help, knowledge, love... balance

Aloha dear co-creators of the Dreams!

Today we look at the two different types of your Abundance, Giving and Receiving. We believe that these are important during any seasons… not only Christmas. As you see on the picture above, there is a woman and man dancing. When you get your Giving and Receiving in balance or to dance the same way, Holistic Abundance automatically follows...(Holistic Abundance described in our blog post “The Meaning of Abundance”)

The foundation to all creation is something we call CREATION FORMULA - meaning everything starts with the thought, then is expressed with words and then when action is taken - it will materialize. It is the same process - does not matter if this is a cake you would love to bake or book you would like to write - it all has a similar process. 

All giving and receiving starts the same way, thoughts, words and action.

So next time you give, keep thins in mind. Giving and receiving is the practice of gratitude. It is easy to give, as it makes us feel good, doing something for someone.

How do you receive their thanks? This is a form of receiving. You make the other person feel good by receiving their gratitude. So, don’t dismiss their gift of giving.

Allowing yourself to be a gracious receiver is a humbling experience and is truly an act of love because it offers a chance for others to give.

Law of Giving and Receiving, is based on the fact that everything in the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Every relationship is one of give and take because giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. If we stop the flow of energy, we interfere with nature’s intelligence. We must give and receive in order to keep money, or anything we want, circulating in our lives.

Most people never have the ability to really tune in to giving and receiving and wonder why their lives are not flowing and fulfilling.

If you are not in tune, you may not hear the inner guidance that comes in the form of ideas, intuition. These messages come from your Inner World, or Inner Family( to be discussed in depth at another time) but in short, here is a description:

What does Inner World, Inner Life, Inner Being, Inner Family mean?

Having a rich inner life means being in touch with your true self and the vast terrain of your hopes and dreams, thoughts, emotions, instincts, and intuition. It is a private space for imagination and reflection which nourishes your creative spirit and a sense of well-being.

This tapes into the Thought part of the Creation Formula.

The most exciting lives are lived by those who LISTEN and PAUSE. This is one way to Receive. 


The second step after listening is to take Action. How many times we have got a brilliant idea and never made it happen and then one day you see it has materialized through someone else? I know we have been there.. grrrr. How frustrating is that. This is because you got the idea, you received it but you did not take action and share it with the world. The emphasis is, you did not take Action ...

Once you start to receive the messages and act on them, things start to manifest fast.

Crystal Ra just last autumn listened to her inner guidance and shared with her clients and prospective clients the ideas of a mini course. It was overwhelming with the response and before she knew it, she had manifested 3 mini classes serving many that had interest. So not only did she fill the needs of those in the course but she filled her own needs to be able to share her gifts but to receive a financial reward while doing what she.

Our inner world is here to serve us… but we need to start to cooperate with it in order to make it happen. 

So, remember to Give & Receive on a constant basis.

Giving does not mean you have to give monetarily, you can make a HUGE difference in someone’s life by giving them time, attention, friendship, love or support, whatever you can, for those who are ready to receive.

By being constant with your giving and receiving flow, you will keep your Abundance in constant flow as well.

Even though we said it doesn’t have to be monetary, be careful with holding back when it comes to money or sending out the message, I don’t have enough,  even if only energetically or in your mind because that can create a Scarcity Mindset, so make sure to have that balance we spoke of.... Thoughts create reality

Here is a FUN exercise for you: 

  • Think about your own Creation Formula? Are you conscious about your thoughts, words and actions and how using all of these creates your reality? What needs to change? 
  • What about your Inner Woman/Feminine and Inner Man/Masculine? Do you have a time where you listen to your inner whispers? Once you get the whispers, do you take action? If not - why not? 
  • Is your giving and receiving in constant flow, balanced? If not, what needs to change? 
  • What would you love to receive more of? What can you think, speak, take action on to make it happen? 
  • What can you give right now? If you do not have much money, in what other forms can you still give? 
  • Where do you still hold back because you are afraid there is not enough? What can change here? 
  • Can you now understand more how giving and receiving are different but equal parts of your Holistic Abundance? 

Answer these questions and take action! See your life change and more abundance coming in! So simple!

AND because we are in a GIVING mood Our Gift to you, should you choose to RECEIVING it, our:

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Mahalo (Thank you)

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