What has Reverse Motivation to do with Love?

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For Valentine's day we take into focus love and reverse motivation. What connections do they have? We share some personal stories how we have gone far and beyond what we thought we were capable of or what others told us we are because of the reverse motivation.

It is very important to notice projections people may point at you or put on you and dissolve these, as these can stop you to receive the life you deserve.

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We give you some home assignments as well ask you to challenge yourself by writing a little essay about the same topic (maximum 2 A4 pages, Ariel font 12 and send it as a PDF) and deliver it by the 15th of February for 6 pm PST in order to receive a free giveaway from us. Send it to our email [email protected] The winner piece will be presented in during some of the next FB lives.

Today's tasks:

1. How has reverse motivation and love showed up in your life? How has it made your life better?

2. What kind of love would you like to have in your life?

3. Think of your ways to gift your loved one or ones with also personal gifts to their Inner Family - Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man. What would you gift them? If possible do it and share also with us how it was received.

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Check out today's tasks here: 

Thank you for your time and attention!

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