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You worry about the bills. You worry about how you look. You worry about others’ opinions about you. You worry about the state of the world around you.

How is that working out for you?

Are you full of joy and confident in your talents? Do you wake up every day with a sense of purpose and inner harmony? If you don’t, what would your life look like if you did?

All those external things we focus on are not the solution to our problems. They’re out there; external things we can’t control (or can only control a bit of). What you need to focus on is yourselves.

Yes… selves.

You’re more complex than just “you.” You’re a human with dimensions -- hopes, fears, and dreams. Your inner selves are the foundation of everything you do, and – if you lack confidence, joy, or peace, you’re probably not living in alignment with what you truly desire.

Your inner selves provide guidance for your decisions, provide you with confidence, and help you reach the achievements you really desire. The question is: how do you get them to agree? How do you create harmony in that inner-family? And what would life look like if they were all working together?

You’d be confident. You’d be financially comfortable. You’d be joyful and generous with your time. You’d have stronger relationships. You’d have the charisma of a leader.

This isn’t a “pipe-dream.” This is the reality when your selves are working in tandem to provide you with all the facets of your being.

Most people live directly in defiance of their confident, powerful inner selves. They shun strength in favor of fear and trade confidence for anxiety. If you think you need to “change yourself,” consider maybe you need to reinvent yourself.

This is the time to Reinvent Yourself and your Life!


We created a four-step program to help you do just that: Reinvent Yourself. Build your life from the inside out and create a foundation of strength and self-knowledge.

Our program guides you through your Inner World and introduces you to your Inner Selves:

  • Higher
  • Middle
  • Lower
  • Inner Child
  • Inner Woman
  • Inner Man

Over the course of this program, you’ll:

 Learn how to restructure your life in a new and meaningful way that works with your Inner Family instead of against them. (Get out of their way and you’ll discover a life of abundance and true fulfilment).

  1. Build completely new relationships with the people in your life - whether professionally or personally.
  2. Uncover your purpose and reorient your life (no matter where you are) to turn your purpose into a career.
  3. Design your future according to your dreams. Think you don’t have dreams? You’ll have access to tools to help you discover them and make them a reality.

You’re here now… there’s no better time than the present to plant the seeds of a new and better life for yourself. Grow and build your sustainable future for you and your children.  

This four-step course is a powerhouse of self-discovery. All the material and bonuses in Reinvent Yourself are worth more than $2300. But your life needs to change now, and we don’t want to stop you from getting there: get the course today for only $497.

In addition, you get several bonuses so you can get even more out of your time in the course:  

  • Meeting Your 3 Selves & Inner Family Intro Meditation
  • Land to Your Center Meditation
  • Rebuild Your Inner Garden Meditation
  • 77 Creative Affirmation Questions 

$497.00 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

Receive over $2300 in courses, material and bonuses

Relationship with your "selves"

Through the conscious relationship with your 'Selves'  you will be able to always be in control of your life and your destinations even in the midst of chaos and craziness.

Relationship with others

Build a foundation with others so that they will gravitate towards you instead of feeling repelled. You will create a two way street in communication and always feel empowered.

Life Purpose/Life Mission

You will feel so confident and secure because you finally will start to figure out your true life purposes and life mission on this planet. You will never feel like a boat lost at sea as you have now a new direction and mission.


Start to create containers, systems and structures which help you to start to live your dream life on your terms  - so that fear moves out and what's left is courage and self-confidence!

PLUS Bonuses

We're giving away the following bonus to those who take action now!

Meeting Your 3 Selves & Inner Family Intro Meditation

This Introduction Inner Family Meditation and meeting your Three Selves is made especially for you who you would love to journey into your inner landscapes and get to know yourself more.

Rebuild Your Inner Garden Meditation

Once you clean up your inner garden on several levels and layers, your Inner Garden will never be the same. The possibility for your dreams to find fertile soil to grow in, blossom and serve you will come easier.


Landing to Your Center Meditation

Special New Time Energy meditation guides you very deep and brings you back HOME - to your inner center! Seven Steps to Balance: expand yourself and take yourself out of the chaos? see the future in the midst of the craziest chaos? feed your life’s deep positivity and consciousness? cleanse yourself according to the New Time Energies? consciously create your Dream Future? activate your true Source? help to co-create the Golden Planet Earth? 


77 Creative Affirmation Questions

Here are several ways you can work with these:

a) Print it out and cut all the questions out as little ribbons.

b) Record these questions into your phone with your own voice and listen to these every day

c) Make your own creativity questions and do the same things 

"I created more abundance, received a brand new car as a gift during the course. I manifested a holiday trip for the whole family. I am clearer about my actions and I created 2 new positions in my company and I hired a new manager for my company who created really good new systems and structures and who is also very active and effective in addition to being very cooperative. I have got more clients for my company and in addition I am renting out more of the rooms my company owns and I also hired a social media manager!"

Piret Peters
Estonia, Finland

"If you have clear goals and targets then this course will be a very successful tool for that purpose. But when you do not even know yourself what and where or when, then this course can help you to create clarity and you need to be ready for a little awakening. All in all this is a course which will change your life if you have the courage to receive! During this course I created an additional business opportunity for myself, I got more clients, my income increased significantly and doubled even more than I dared to ask in the beginning of the class. I am more self confident now. I love myself more. I have better communication with everyone in my life and I have better relationships and my relationship to my children is much better. I understood how my thoughts create my reality and I am now much more conscious what I think and how I talk and what I do."

Riina J├╝ris
Estonia, Ireland

"I have used different spiritual practices for increasing my abundance and expanding myself and that is why it was really interesting to listen to what you have come up with in that matter. When I got one of your abundance tools I did use it for a while, but not because I did not have enough money, but just out of curiosity. Then I stopped it for a while for several months. Recently I had a situation where my employer did not follow our contract and told me that the bonuses I was about to get now will be delivered in some months time. To hear that message in the beginning of the year is not pleasant, especially when you have done your financial plans already for the whole year. I tried to be okay with it even though I felt I had a lot of tension inside of me. But some days ago I remembered your abundance tool again and started to use it again to use my own energies. It worked! As a freelancer I instantly got several new work offers and the money from the bonuses I was expecting was on my account this morning! Amazing! I am so glad that we have so business wise innovative and creative Estonians as you are who knows how to market and do a product launch, who can create financial freedom from nothing. I am still needing to develop my business intuition on that matter. I will buy some other products from you as I am excited what else can show up in my life?"


Reinvent Yourself

Lets turn everything upside down and start from the self-realization - find out who are deep inside, who else is in our inner world, how to change communication and cooperation with them and communicate and create relations with others differently because of that. Thereafter start to do what we love and what is our purpose helping us to see clearer our vision while serving others and build our new futures together!

Crystal Ra and Michael

Your Transformation Navigators

All of our lives have been a preparation for these times. We have a combined life experiences over 50 years. Crystal Ra from the healing world and self-development, entrepreneurship as well coaching and more.

Michael has massive knowledge about real estate, business management as well entrepreneurship, coaching and so much more. 

Both of us have gone through many challenges in our lives and always figured out a smart way to come out on the other side and rebuild our lives. We know how to adapt and adjust quickly not only in our own countries but also in other cultures and places and how not only rebuild our lives but how to rebuild it so that we love it more and more and also will serve others with the similar goals. 

Now we have the times where we can all to start to live the lives we not only will like, but fall in love with and will love more.

We are so happy to share our programs with all of you who are ready to deep dive and find the smart ways, where we have distilled the best tips, tools and knowledge of what we know, so that others could enjoy this journey more with courage as our best friend!



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