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Have you lost sight of your Dreams?

It’s easy to do!! Wrapped up in day to day life. Struggling to survive. Feeling like you will never get there.

Dreams, Goals and Adventure is an inspirational book that helps you to never lose sight of your dreams with self-reflections at the end of each chapter to help you have a better understanding of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses and driving factors.

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""Your experiences are so extra-ordinary and you're fascinating to listen to. Your speaking style is humble and respectful of both your role as a speaker and of your audience, as one would expect after hearing of what you were trained to do. If others would open their lives to adventure as you have they would love their life even more.""

~Jim Cathcart
Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of the bestsellers: The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling and CEO of


Dreams, Goals and Adventure

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Dreams, Goals and Adventure is an easy read filled with short stories everyone can relate to. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry. It's not how to get rich quick but how to understand Financial Independence is different for everyone and you don't have to be a wealthy as Bill Gates to achieve your dreams. But you DO have to have a Dream and a Goal in how to achieve them. The KEY takeaway is to never lose sight of your Dreams. Dreams, Goals and Adventure not only will it inspire you, but make you realize, if just some average guy like me did it, you can too.

And don't forget along the way, to Live Life as an Adventure!

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Dreams, Goals and Adventure

Returning home from Desert Storm, I found myself mentally and financially bankrupt. Newly divorced, I had no job, no help, and no hope. My reasons to live were gone. At the lowest point in my life, I fell back on simple truths from my childhood: hard work gets results, and it’s okay to dream. And dream I did, setting goals that launched me from poverty to a life I could not have imagined. You can do it, too.


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"Dreams, Goals, and Adventure is a small book filled with wonderful insights into creating the life of your dreams, no matter the circumstances. Michael Ditton's shows, through examples from his own life choices, that anyone can obtain their dreams. It's not magic. It's not about money. It's not about fate or luck. Goals and dreams are obtainable through planning and determination. Adventure is the icing on the cake. It's about believing in yourself. Creating doable goals and taking a chance on life. It's about faith. I loved how as a young boy Michael Ditton knew instinctively that if he wanted to make something of himself, he had to dream, plan, and do. Yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people, but with strength of mind, by removing "can't" from your vocabulary, you can overcome anything. Life won't give up on you, so why would you give up on life? I applaud Mr. Ditton for using excerpts from his own experience to help me understand that if I'm not where I want to be, it's me holding me back, nobody else. Dreams, Goals, and Adventure is a wonderful book that ended far too soon. I read it in one afternoon. I was right there with him when he got the dream job of running a hamburger stand while still too young to have a driver's licence. I was there when he saw Alaska for the first time, along with its endless possibilities of adventure. I was there when his buddy yelled at him in Costa Rica that they had to go because their boat's anchor hadn't secured, and their boat was travelling backwards through the harbour without them. The best thing I got from this book ... I reached the last page knowing that life is about embracing happiness over defeat, that never surrendering means being too stubborn to giving up. There is no end to where I'm capable of going. Thank you, Mr. Ditton."

Joylene Nowell Butler
Award Winning Author of suspense novels Dead Witness, Maski: Broken But Not Dead, Break Time, and Matowak

Chapter 2 Excerpt

Don't Take No For An Answer

On my bike ride to school I’d pedal past a hamburger stand in the middle of a strip mall’s parking lot. The first time I saw it my mind was awash with possibilities. Not only would I be earning my own money again, I might get a good deal on their tasty burgers and home-cut fries. Every time I smelled the patties on the grill I knew I had to work there.

(fast forward)

Rain or shine I stopped by every single day and asked for a job, only to get the same answer every time: no. Perhaps a month later, maybe two, I stopped by as I always did and once again asked for a job. This time, to my surprise, they didn’t say no. They looked at me and then at each other, smiles all around. Then one turned to me and said, “You’re not going to stop until we give you a job, are you?”
With a hitch in my throat, feeling that sudden jolt of excitement, I looked right back at them and boldly gave them that word I had heard from them so many times: “No!”

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Chapter 15 Excerpt

The Ship Sails Without US

While I stood at the phone waiting for an international operator John came running toward me, yelling, “We have to go, we have to go!” I glared at him, annoyed that he was rushing me. Then I looked over his shoulder and saw the reason for his urgency. Our boat was traveling backwards through the harbor without us.


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